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The Choice

The Choice
Pairing: ???*, Brendon Urie, Jon Walker, Ryan Ross, Spencer Smith, Zack Hall
Rating: NC-17
POV: ???
Warnings: Nullification, torture, gore, BDSM
Notes: *Their torturer was wrote with no one in mind, apart from it being a band boy (one the they obviously didn't know). To me it's Jay, but it's open ended. For anon_lovefest (though the request was for rape and torture and I just focussed on the latter cause that's what came to me). Funny how my first Panic! fic in ages is torture. Also odd, apparently this is the first time I've ficced Brendon. Huh.

The five of them sat in identical chairs, arrayed in a circle so they could all see one another. All of them were naked and secured to their chairs. All of them had ball gags, apart from their singer, whose whore lips were held open by a rubber ring gag. Their eyes were all wide and frightened, their bodies struggling slightly against the bonds which held them. They had been doing that since they awoke, but they still hadn't taken the hint. I watched through the rubber hood I wore, waiting them out.

Spencer calmed first, then Jon gave up, followed by Ryan and Brendon. Zack stilled last, which I'd expected from a glorified bodyguard. "Hello boys." I spoke, my voice going through a synthesiser to make it unrecognisable, on the slim chance that one of them had heard my voice before. I looked around the circle, smirking slightly. The rubber covered my skin, obscuring my tattoos from them as well, gloves ensuring I left no fingerprints. "There is no escape for you. Your only choice is to comply."

Mumbled sounds came from all of them, which I of course ignored. "All you can do is watch." I walked, slowly, towards the slimest member of the band. I took the knife from my waist, watching it glint in the light. Each of them had a subtle difference in their entrapment. For Ryan, that had been an additional drug which I'd given while I awaited his wakening. Between his legs, his cock jutted out from between his legs, stuff, throbbing and hard. I ran the blade carefully down the side of the shaft, licking my lips. His body was perfectly still, most likely from the fear of what was to come. I gave him a few seconds, then with a quick slash, severed the large organ from his body. He wailed behind his gag, tears streaming down his face.

I lifted his cock up high, turning it around so the rest of them could see. "This is mine now. No longer will it go up any of your asses." I dropped it into a jar beside the chair, filled with a preserving solution. I didn't want such a precious pprize to shrivel away. Blood spilled out over Ryan's thighs and balls. I carved through the sacs, smirking at him. "These will be useless to you too, no point in keeping them." I had a feeling he wasn't listening to my words, so just dropped both of them into the jar. The lid was fastened tight and I leaned in close, whispering in his ear. "I'm done with you now. Be a good boy and watch."

I left him, going to the singer which was seated to his left. Brendon's eyes were wide with fear, more so then before. "Stick out your tongue." He complied, pleading me with his eyes not to hurt him. "Just one cut..." The soft, wet muscle landed on his belly, blood instantly escaping his mouth to cover his chin. "You've gotten off easy." I lifted it up between my fingers, dropping it into a similar jar to the one now filled with Ryan's genitals.

Jon was next. He stared at me with those eyes of his, trying to figure out what he was going to lose. He'd figured that much out already. Unlike the others, his bindings left a small gap at his wrists, big enough for a blade to get through. The placement was careful, so that it was at the joint. The blade went through his skin, making him howl behind the gag, perhaps even louder then his friends before him. I popped the bone out of it's joint and continued my way through his flesh. The same thing was done to his right hand, blood staining the table. I lifted his hands, lacing the fingers together while they were still warm and pliable, before dropping them in a container filled with the same solution. He would never play again.

Then came the drummer. The youngest of the four, and argueably the most beautiful, he actually looked the least afraid. Out of the four of them, I wished I could play with him more, but my plan sadly didn't allow for that. Still, I had fucked his rounded ass as he'd slept, so that was some consolation.

The drummer's eyelids were pinned open, forcing him to watch what had happened to his friends. Now I removed the pins from his left eye, waiting for him to blink and then repinning them closed. The same was done to his right, though this time he tried futiley to stop from blinking. I careful cut removed each lid and the removal of the pins allowed them to fall into my hands. I resheathed my blade after depositing them in his jar, studying his eyes as I stroked his face. "You have beautiful eyes Spencer. I want them."

I slipped my fingers beside the jat, plucking up a silver eye gouger. Such an item was so hard to come by, but I thought the delicate prongs looked so beautiful. I watched as the prongs slide around the left eye, gripping ahold of the ball of flesh. I twist and a sharp tug removed it from him, resulting in him finally making a sound of pain. As expected, he was the quietest. Even when I plucked his right eye away from him, forever blinding him, he didn't make even half as much noise as the others. I patted his hair gently, then sealed his eyes away in my jar.

I lifted each container up, tugging them away safely within my black bag, humming softly to myself. Satisfied they were secure, I returned to Zack, turning the synthasiser off so I could whisper in his ear. "You're a failure Zack. Look at your charges now. All of them has lost something important to them. You were meant to protect them, but look at them." He glared at me, but I could tell my words had gotten to him. "Now, you have a simple choice Zack. You can either sit here and watch them bleed to death, before starving yourself." I waited a few seconds before offering him the alternative. "Or you can redeem yourself. Give yourself to me and they will live. All you have to do is nod, but do it quick. I'm not entirely sure how long they have left."

He nodded, predicatably. I slung the back over my shoulder and wheeled his chair out to the car, untying him and pushing him into the open boot. I was sure I'd have lots of fun with him. Once inside the car, I made a call to get an ambulence for the boys, then left the scene.
Tags: brendon urie, fic, jon walker, panic! at the disco, ryan ross, slash, spencer smith, zack hall
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