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Like the blood in you

Last night there was a random Kerrang thing on 4Music, so I watch that. Yay for Bullet. And why the hell is American idiot always so high up in video charts? Lets face it, it's not a good video (Holiday is a much better video).

Yay for India getting gay sex decriminalised and yay for Sarah Palin stepping down.

Tonight we're finishing of Night At The Musuem 2 and I'm gonna finish packing and put the stuff in the car.

Today we went to the Natural History Musuem, which was cool. They had dinosaurs! And shiny things! Perhaps best of all was the butterfly jungle. I made friends with two (picking em up from the floor so they wouldn't get squished) and watched a few drink from their flowers and fruit. It was quiet interesting to watch. I liked watching their little tongues go. We got cuddly dinos and fossil digging things.

It was so tiring though, maybe it was the heat as well as all the walking.

We got some things from Tesco on the way back, so we're all set.

I'll be back home tomorrow (we're gonna see nan too hopefully) and I should be online then. All of this week I won't be on while Torchwood is (so 9-10 GMT).

I'm gonna make icons, save stuff, pack stuff and... stuff tonight.
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