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Stupid ideas for stupid people

Whoever invented automated phone services are so fucking stupid. I've called botht he JC and a tech place and both are just... useless. I've decided it's best to wait to call JC once I'm at home. Cause they're useless and slow.

The Torchwood radio play thing today was so much better then yesterdays. Ianto's awesome.

Which stupid BBC idiot decided to start the new series of Mock The Week at the same time as Torchwood. Fools.

I wish the sun would just go away. It's far too hot.

Tomorrow's gonna be packing, which is gonna be odd. We should do a last proper Tesco trip then too. Saturday we're going to the Natural History Museum, which should be all kinds of coolness. There's a butterfly house and dinosaurs! Yay!

Sunday'll be eh causa long trip and having to spend forever to sort out my stuff at home.

I randomly started to fic last night, then stopped when I slept and since did a few bits.

I've not been on Harvest Moon in awhile. Perhaps I won't be on it till I'm home.

We may do more of the Clone Wars run later thoigh...
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