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You can't see me/please don't eat me

Yesterday wasn't an exciting day. JC was useless with calls and Mikey's mum was a bitch. As fucking always. Me and Mikey decided that his mum's worse then mine, cause at least mum has a reason to be all stressed out. I wanna stab her with pens. And then work my way up to sharper things.

Last night we went for a random walk and saw strange green lights over the river and an odd man. Strange.

We also (finally) started thee Clone Wars run, but only got to about episode 7.

I had a dream that there were massive spiders on the ceiling. Three of them. However, I realised it was a dream cause the Ian poster was where it used to be in the dream, not where it is now.

I wanna go on Harvest Moon, but my Wii's where Mikey's sleeping. Bah. And my DS is awol. Must find later.

I was given a number to call to finish sorting JC but it's just had me on hold for 10 minutes plus. So I'm gonna call back later. Asses. It just seems pointless to sort it here since I won't be here soon too, but the JC lady said to call so...

Yay for the Torchwood radio things starting today, which we'll be listening to. Can't wait for the series of awesome.

Also, we're seeing Ice Age 3 tonight. Yay! I love those fuzzy animoos.

There's something as annoying as hell on my tongue. I want it to go away, like yesterday.

Begone evil sun!

I randomly discovered I've two LJ $1 gift things. LJ didn't tell me I'd been sent them and I dunno where they came from or who they're from. It makes me wanna get more paid time but I've no money. That and the paid account'll probably outlast me already.

This mad shit is why I love Bullet.

I hope Ilan does that release of The New Regime's album cause I totally want him to tour here. Ok, so I know he'd have to get a band together cause, well he can play guitar, bass, drums and all on the recording, but live I think it'd be a problem.

Why is a teeny part of me pondering going to BMTH's tour?

May do a standalone later or something.

Vote for Bullet!
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