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Dreamers have become an endangered species

So today was hot. I hate summer. I just end up wanting to stay inside, hiding.

At least Harvest Moon came today. Yay! I'm gnna go on it in a few. I think I'll start in the ocean bit. Mikey's on Sonic 2 now on some Sega Collection thing.

So today was JC. They were meant to call but didn't, so I had to. Apparently the ass I had to deal with has 'gone' (I dunno why, the lady I saw didn't elaborate and I didn't ask) so he's left the lady I saw (who's just come back from holiday) his workload. She was nice and could see how frustrated I was. So I'll know tomorrow what's happening. She's said it should go ok and I should just go home (and should've gone yesterday cause then I wouldn't have had to deal with the paperwork).

So next week I'll go home. Tomorrow's Clone Wars run (and we may see Ice Age 3 at some point). And I'll pack most of my stuff before the weekend.

Thankfully Amazon have the Umbrella Academy figures in for a set price, so I'll get them some point.

Yay for Torchwood next week! I can't wait.

Happy birthday mikeyface!
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