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You Can Be Such Good Boys

You Can Be Such Good Boys
Pairing: Dan Torelli/Mateo Camargo/Matthew Leone/Nathan Leone
Rating: NC-17
POV: Dan
Warnings: Diapers, scat, infantilism
Notes: I blame fruityahren for this. Oh and their twitter

There was something oddly arousing about seeing the Leone twins on all fours, crawling around the room wearing nothing but a diaper. The diaper's on both of them were slightly full with thier waste and there was a noticeable bulge of arousal at their crotches. They were as turned on as I.

Sitting across from me was Mateo. Although he was seated upon a chair, he was just like the twins, wearing a diaper around his waist. His horse cock made his bulge much larger then either of the twins. "You should be with the boys Mateo." I whispered, gesturing to the floor. He'd been reluctant to do this in the first place, unlike the brother's who'd been all too eager to get involved. "Now be good and I won't have to spank you." Reluctantly, Mateo shifted from his position and got on his knees beside the twins. I couldn't but smirk, knowing how much this was simultaneously humiliating him and turning him on. I suspected that the latter was caused by whatever concoction Nathan had made for the three of them.

Licking my lips, I decided what to do with the three of them as I reclined back. I'd been content to watch them crawl about on the floor, smirking whenever they obviously shit themselves. My dick was stiff between my legs, leaving smears upon my skin. "Come here little one." I beckoned Nathan over, smirking as he crawled towards me, blue eyes wide. "Good boy." I smiled, running my fingers through his blonde hair gently. "Come suckle on your pacifier." I spread my legs, making sure that he knew what I meant. Smiling, he leaned in close and opened his mouth, wrapping his lips around the head of my dick. I groaned softly as he took a few inches into his mouth, gently sucking on the hardened flesh. I held onto his hair gently, being careful not to thrust my hips too hard against his sweet little face.

Matthew had crawled closer and was sitting not too far away, sucking his thumb. He eyed my dick in obvious arousal, probably wishing he was the one suckling on it. I lifted my right le onto the sofa, reaching for Matthew and guiding him beside his brother. "There's something for you too." Almost immediately he started sucking on my sac, like a good boy. Both of them were good boys really, both wonderful with their talented little mouths.

My eyes drifted to Mateo, who was watching with his arms crossed. I sighed softly at the sight, rolling my eyes slightly. Maybe I should've taped a cuddly toy to his chest or given him a baby's bottle filled with cum or piss or some shit. "Now now, you shouldn't be such a bad boy..." I groaned softly at the feeling of Nathan's lips and tongue against me. "Behave or else I'll have to spank you." While looking me right in the eyes, he unfolded his arms, snaking his right hand down and under the waistband of the diaper. I narrowed my eyes at him, licking my lips. so maybe he was just doing this to piss me off. "Here." I growled, patting the space beside me.

Slowly, he shifted his hand out, his stained tips leaving a smear on his stomach. He crawled across the floor, climbing up onto the sofa next to me. Reluctantly, I pushed the twins away, then pulled Mateo over my lap. With a growl I undid the diaper and opened it up, the smell assulting my senses. His rounded ass was slightly caked in his own filth, but I ignored it as I started to spank him. He let out a soft yelp at the contact, probably in surprise as well as pain. "You're a bad boy Mateo." I growled, slapping his left cheek just as hard as the first. "Why can't you be good like the twins? They know how to behave." Every other word was punctuated by a hard slap to his dirty ass. Natahan had his arm wrapped around his twin's slim waist, while Matthew had resumed suckling his own thumb again.

Once I was sure he'd had enough, I stopped hitting him, stroking the small of his back gently. I could make out that the cheeks were bright red wherever there weren't shit stains to obscure my view. "Now be a good boy. Learn from their example." I wiped the filth from my hand into his hair, smirking as his nose wrinkled a little.

"Yes daddy." He mumbled so softly that I could barely hear him, but I let it go as I could feel how needy he was, even through the diaper. I redid it up, being sure to pat his ass to spread the shit within on him again. He let out a soft whimper, which I assumed to be disappointment at having his ass put away again.

"If you were a good boy, you may have gotten it." I pushed him onto the floor, smirking when he stumbled slightly. Now it was a matter of deciding which twin to do. I looked between the pair of them for a few moments, before deciding. "Come here Nathan." He beamed and crawled over, looking up at me from the floor. I pulled him onto the sofa, ripping off the diaper and throwing it towards his brother. I concentrated on lifting Nathan onto my lap, licking at his neck once he was in position. I held my dick up with my free hand, licking my lips as he impaled himself onto it, his shit acting as a strange lube. It was so warm and soft and it felt so fucking amazing. So much better then I'd thought it would be.

I wrapped my arms around him, holding him loosely as he rocked up and down, riding my cock. Gone was the facade of him being some innocent little boy. The moment my cock entered his ass, he became the whore we all knew he was. His ass slide up and down, clenching around my stiff dick.

I groaned in arousal, looking past him to see Matthew, who had his face pushed into the diaper and I could tell from the slurping sounds that he was at least licking at it, if not eating it's contents. Mateo was looking between us, clearly having trouble decidng what to do. "Jerk off if you want." I said in a breathy groan when Nathan clenched around me particularly hard.

I watched as he pulled the material off himself, ripping it along the way so he could get to his large dick easily. I chuckled inwardly as he took himself in hand and stroked himself rapidly, rutting against his hand at the same time. I returned my attentions to Nathan while he fucked himself, swiping my tongue along the curve of his neck and biting and several intervals. I was careful not to bite hard enough to leave any lasting mark, though I knew they'd probably still be visible tomorrow or the day after. I jerked my hips up harshly, his actions bringing me off faster then I'd anticipated. Wanting him to climax too, I took his cock in hand, jerking on it as best as I was able to. From the corner of my eye, I noticed that Matthew was rolling his hips suddenly, soft groans escaping his lips despite him not being touched.

That was when it all became a blur.

With a low grunt of pleasure, Nathan climaxed over us both, a similar sound escaping from his twin at the same time. Mateo's hand, having become a wild blur of motion, suddenly stilled and his body arched as he followed the twins, covering his stomach in his own cloudly fluid.

That just left me. i closed my eyed, inhaling the scent that filled thre room. It was a mix of sweat, sex, spunk and shit. "Ugh... such good boys... fuck..." I groaned and came hard into Nathan's ass, just as his lips latched onto my throat and suckled on a particular sensitive spot.

Once I came down from the sexual high, I forced myself to open my eyes to survey the scene around me. Matthew had disappeared from the room, apparently taking all the diapers with him. I wasn't sure if he was going to toss them out or keep them. I was never too sure about that. With a nod from me, Mateo stood up, stretching his arms above his head and thrusting his dirty hips forward, his cock swinging from the motion. "Matthew's promised to eat me out before I have a shower, either of you wanna watch?"

I shook my head. Although the sight was extremely appealling and, under normal circumstances would result in an instant boner, I had a Nathan latched onto me, apparently not letting me go. Once the Columbian had gone, Nathan kissed me, gently, then leaned away from me with a smile. "Thanks for that, that was so hot and awesome." He leaned in close to me again, running his hands over my chest. "Next week, we'll totally do that pirate thing you've always wanted."

I grinned in anticipation, stroking his back lightly. Now that was something to look forward to.
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