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Dancing with the devil in the midnight sun

Gah, I'm so fucking pissed off!

First, the cheap Doctor Who series 4 boxset that turned up was region 1 not 2, so it had to be sent back this morning, just a day after it arrived.

Today, we went to Sevenoaks. Why it was a farely nice day out, Tesco didn't have anything new in (or what I wanted). Worse, my money wasn't in. However, Mikey got me a little glass snail. It's midgety and cute.

When I got back I called the JC up. First, he kept me on hold for 5 minutes, then he was bitching at me. There was a course thing they wanted me to go to Monday and I'd told them in advance I wouldn't be able to go. So I thought, right, that's it sorted, especially since I signed a thing so my money'd go in. However, he apparently wasn't listening or just didn't give a fuck and so everything's messed up. I have to stay longer to sort it out on Monday. Bastards.

Still, least I have a reason to stay longer I guess. but if they don't sort it I'll kill them.

I'll post pictures/link to Mikey's another time, when I'm less pissed.

At least I won Harvest Moon Wii on e-bay. Harvest Moon is always good.
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