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Scrach that

What's the deal with Mikey's dad and Swanly? He never wants to go.

Does anyone get Rock Sound? It has a big The Blackout poster in it, but I don't think the issue's worth it. Anyone not want the poster?

On Thursday (or Friday) I'm going get the comp set up somewhere and start transfering files. Starting with the basic stuff on here and finishing with copies of the Clone Wars eps.

Yesterday we briefly went up the town. We should be going back Wednesday or Thursday. I saw some cheap stuff I want (a Wall-E fic, Doctor Who stuff and the Watchmen graphic novel) plus I need folders so...

I wrote last night and it's posted now.

I'm trawling through e-bay for Bullet stuff now.

A game I go on pissed me off, since I got attacked late last night and there was fuck all I coulda done. Bah.

Last night I managed to catch most of Slipknot's Download set played on Radio 1. It was awesome! Am I the only one that think's Corey Taylor sounds adorable? I must be. After that, we had a perdy moth flutter about like a loon.
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