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When You're On Top Of Me

When You're On Top Of Me
Pairing: Jacoby Shaddix/Jay James
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Warings: Sounding, cbt, BDSM
Notes: The original idea for this started off with Padge/Jay and Jay as the bottom (and also with scat) but then it all changed so... here it is. Damn you Jacoby.

I gazed down at the man on the floor, walking around him slowly. I tried to move like a vulture circling his prey, but I was sure it wasn't coming off like that at all. He looked so beautiful, his tanned and tattooed body glistening slightly with a sheen of sweat. His head was tilted back slightly, his eyes watching me with an intent curiousity. The ball gag that stretched his mouth open prevented him from uttering a word and also made sure his chin shone with saliva.

I opened my mouth to say something, but no words came out. I guess I figured I should say something threatening or at least kinky but I couldn't think of anything. That and I was well aware how my voice sounded. Instead, I clamped my mouth shut and walked over to the table set up against one wall. Along it's surface were a variety of toys and instruments, most of which I was at least vaguely familiar with. Beneath were storage bins which held larger toys, such as double-ended dildos or several sizes. Above were whips and other such items which hung upon the wall. I cast my eyes over them all.

My gaze lingered over the ones I wanted to use. My tongue flitted out to wet my lips as I gently lifted up the piece of medical equipment. It was slim and shiny, and I knew exactly where it went. "Roll over." I growled softly, turning around and walking back to him after slicking it up with some lube. He was now on his back, his arms and legs splayed over the floor. I knelt between his legs and wrapped my fingers around his shaft, holding it steady. I glanced into his eyes briefly, shifting the rod to his piss slit. I didn't wait for any nod or other form of confirmation. Instead, I just pushed the tip into him, smirking as he squirmed but didn't buck. I rubbed his belly with my other hand, easing the sound into him. I licked my lips lightly, leaning down and kissing his stomach.

"I wonder how much you could take..." I whispered to myself, but decided I wasn't brave enough to try other sounds. That one was the smallest in the set, so I'd estimated that would fit in fine. I stood again, returning to the table and hovering my fingers over the objects for a few moments. I gripped a small tray before returning to him, settling back in the same place I was earlier.

I set the tray on the floor carefully and lifted up the first shiny needle. I held it up to where he could see it and examined it carefully for a few moments before pushing the point into the wrinkled skin of his sac. He hissed and arched slightly, but made no move to push me away, something he was fully capable of since he lacked restraints. Smiling, I inserted a second into the opposite ball. I worked the other contents of the tray into him, the needles making him look like some sort of demented metal hedgehog.

Once there were twenty needles covering him, I reached down and ran my fungers over the ends, licking my lips once again when his body tensed up. Deciding that was enough, I pushed the tray towards the table, leaving it to move back there later. "Back on all fours." He nodded and shifted about on the floor until his ass was level with my face. I inhaled his scent, my eyelids fluttering closed slightly. Under different circumstances I would have my face pressed between those cheeks, my studded tongue pushed inside his prone body making him moan like a whore.

However I resisted those urges and forced myself to stand, my dick rock hard. I pulled apart his fleshy cheeks, spitting at the open hole that was revealled to me. I wasted no more time, instead just thrusting my hips forward and burying my dick deep inside him. He made a gutteral sound behind the gag, which I chose to interpret as a noise of pleasure. I dug my blunt nails into his skin, starting to set a rough sort of pace into him. I spat on his back, watching the saliva roll down the skin. I spat again, groaning soft as I slammed my hips against his cheeks.

"Fuck..." I moaned as his inner muscles clenched around me, making my eyes close again. Shit he was so fucking good at this. I wasn't sure why that surprised me. I ignored his hardness, instead focussing fully on my own pleasure. After all, that's what he was there for. I growled low in my throat, pummelling him as hard as I could, desperate for that tingle in my stomach that indicated I was close. Each clench of his insides illicted a moan from the back of my throat.

The moans became howls and growls of pleasure. My hips snapped forward and back, each movement creating a loud slap. I came deep within his body when his squeezing became too much for me. A small part of me wished he'd came too, but I shook that off as his body worked to milk me.

"Thanks Jacoby." I growled, sliding out with a slick, wet pop. I spat directly in his dark hair, reaching up to unbuckle the gag. It was unnecessary really, but I figured he deserved a few deep gulps of air before the next guy. The ball gag dropped out of hiis mouth, landing on the follow with a soft splat. I petted the small of his back and left him like that, watching him out of the corner of my eye as he removed the needles and sound from his genitals. If I came back I'd have to bring my phone to get some sort of picture since that was some hot shit.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, jacoby shaddix, jay james, papa roach, slash
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