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The First Time

The First Time
Pairing: Jay Smith/Tom Sykes
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Notes: This just evolved from the basic idea of Jay and Tom fucking to this really. I dunno how but it just... did. This was started in a tent at Download.

I glanced in the mirror, running my hands through my hair to straighten it out. That simple action was all it took to get my older brother's attention. Especially since it was his mirror I was using. "What're you doing?" He asked, knowing I usually hated the things. Ironic really when my favourite outfit was silver.

"Just checking myself over." I replied, knowing he wouldn't leave it alone no matter what I said. It wasn't in his nature.

"Why?" He furrowed his brow in slight confusion. "You don't normally do that unless..." And that's when it clicked in his brain. I guess there was still a few cells left under the bleached hair after all. "You have a date!" When I felt my cheeks heat up, he just grinned at me. "Awww, come on! You've gotta tell me who it is! There's too many people here for me to just guess."

I released a soft sigh, turning to face him at last. "It's Tom Sykes." I replied, my voice soft.

"Ah Oli's brother." He nodded and looked thoughtful for a moment. "Yeah, he's cute. Nice arse." I rolled my eyes at him. Sometimes I felt like he was such a slut. "I'd totally fuck him." Make that always. Always a whore.


"What?" He looked at me innocently, like he hadn't just said he'd screw my date given half a chance. "I would!" I narrowed my eyes at him and he held up his hands defenisvely. "But I won't cause he's yours and all that shit but when you're done..." Another glare made him wave his hands some more. "Ok, ok I'll zip it." Barely two seconds of silence passed before he opened his mouth again. "Why aren't you wearing that silver outfit of yours? It shows off all the right curves..."

"Snoz! Get my perv of a brother outta here!" I yelled in the general direction of the rear lounge, smiling in relief at the sight of the large drummer. He gripped Sean's shoulders and pushed him out with an ease that only he could manage.

"Don't put out on the first date! Or get drunk so you throw up on him... unless he's into that shit, then by all means..." I could still him here mumbling even as Snoz pushed him all the way out, shutting the door behind them. Perhaps I could trade and get Snoz to be my brother instead. I shook my head slightly, mentally making a note to thank him in some way.


Half an hour after Sean had been shoved out, there was a soft knock on the door, which I took to indicate he was finally here. Heaving a sigh of relief, I stood up and crossed the short distance to the door, pushing the button to open it. Music instantly filled the room from the various tents as the door opened up. There he stood, shifting from one food to the other, his blue eyes darting around nervously. When his eyes found me, they instantly lit up and a smile crept over his features. "I bought some pizza." He whispered softly, presenting the box to me. "I wasn't sure what you'd like on it, so it's just cheese and tomato. I hope that's alright."

"Of course it is!" I smiled and gestured for him to enter, shutting the door once he was. It always amused me how cute he was, even after all the random nights we'd spent together. He seated himself at the table, carefully placing the box on the surface as he did so. I occupied the seat opposite him, placing a pair of cans on the table for us to drink. As soon as I flipped the box open, the scent filled the air, making me feel even hungrier. I hadn't eaten for hours, not since lunchtime anyway. I lifted up the first slice, munching on the tip. "Had a good day?" I asked, after swallowing.

"Yeah it's been alright. Hot and busy." He smiled at me, lifting up the opposite one to mine and chewing slowly. "You?"

"It's been nice, though Sean's been a pain as usual." He nodded with a small smile as he kept eating, reaching over and popping open the top of his can once he'd finished his current slice. I allowed him to swallow some of the fizzy liquid within before continuing. "I'm glad to finally be alone with you."

"Me too." His smiled widened and he reached over the table, petting my hand gently. We sat in a comfortable silence while we ate the rest of the pizza and downed our drinks. "That was good."

"Mmm." I nodded in agreement, licking the tips of my fingers. Satisfied, I leaned over the table and kissed him lightly. "Thanks for the food. Wanna watch something?" I gestured vaguely in the direction of the tv, which had a pile of dvds and games beside it. "We've got films of all kinds. Or we could go on the X-box or something..."

He shifted his hand under the table, stroking my knee gently. "I was thinking..." His cheeks flushed a little as he spoke, his voice faltering. "That... you know, since you're gonna be off at Warped with the guys..." His words came out as a soft whisper now, so much so that if I wasn't so close I'd probably not have heard. "I won't be able to see you for so long.." He looked at me, his nerves showing in his blue orbs.`"So I thought maybe... we could..." His cheeks flushed and he looked away, but it was obvious what he meant. Sure, we'd given each other head, jacked each other off and shit, but we'd not had sex yet. We weren't our brothers.

"Are you sure?" I asked him, placing my hand on his. When he nodded in reply I smiled and kisses his cheek. "Alright." I stood up out of the chair and he did the same. I reached down and tugged at his Drop Dead tee, licking my lower lip. "Let's get you outta these clothes." He flashed me a small grin, raising his arms up above his head. I tugged the material higher, revealling more and more of his soft skin for my eager eyes. When it reached his shoulders, I pulled it the rest of the way off him even quicker, discarding it on the table once it was off him, knocking the box onto a chair. I removed my own t-shirt even faster then I had his, throwing it in the same direction as his.

I wrapped one of my arms around his waist, pulling him close to me so I could kiss him hungrily, our bare chests pressing together as soon as our lips made contact. I parted my lips slightly, flicking my tongue out to ease into his warm, welcoming mouth. My fingers fumbled with his fly, popping open the button before sucessfully tugging the zipper down. He moaned softly against me as I slid it down all the way, my fingertips ghosting over his bulge. His hands mirrored my actions, though I could feel them shaking slightly with nerves. Still, they managed to get the job done, and our bodies partied to remove the rest of our clothing. Our underwear joined our jeans on the floor, our shoes being cast aside a moment later so that we stood naked before each other, our eyes studying the now familiar territory of one another.

"I'll go get some lube." He nodded and I could feel his eyes on me as I darted upstairs, feeling each of the bunks for lube. I found the tube under the pillow of the third bunk I searched. I smirked inwardly, noting this was Rhys' usual bunk, then I returned to Tom, waving the bottle of aqua blue liquid in triumph. I let out a low groan at the sight of him leaning against the counter, his fingers wrapped around his stiff dick.

"Fuck..." I moaned softly, my own twitching between my legs in arousal. I reached down, running a finger up my shaft slowly. "So hot." He licked his lips, parting his legs slightly. I took his hand and led him into the back lounge, deciding it would be better than screwing in the kitchen or in the bunks upstairs.

"Ok, so... I think you should get on all fours here." I nodded to just in front of the chairs, and perched myself on the edge of the seat. As he got on his hands and knees, I flipped open the top of the lube, squeezing it out onto my fingers. "Have you had anything up your arse recently?" I knew he had at least one dildo and I had a feeling he'd sometimes finger himself but I wasn't sure how often.

He shook his head slightly, twisting back to watch slightly. "Not for days." I nodded slightly, smiling as he reached back and held his cheeks apart. "Do it Jay..." He whispered softly, and I knealt behind him. I ran my slick fingers along his open crack, stopping at the pucker of his opening. Gently, I pressed my finger against it, working it within him slowly. He gasped at the intrusion, his eyes lidding tight, issuing a sharp intake of pain. I stroked the small of his back gently, pushing it until most of my finger was buried within him. I waited for a few moments, rubbing my fingertip against his insides. Slowly, I retreated the digit, pressing my index finger alongside it. He hissed at that, his tight heat twitching around me.

"Shush, it's alright." I whispered softly, rubbing gently with my free hand, hooking my fingers slightly. He let out another hiss, though this one was accompanied by a groan of pleasure. Smiling, I leant down and kissed the top of of his crack lightly, moving my fingers steadily in and out of him. Each movement was a little harder then the previous one.

"Fuck Jay ugh..." He clenched around me, though it wasn't a twitch of pain. "I need you! Please..."

I kissed each of his soft cheeks as I eased my fingers out, trailing my tongue along the sides of them as they left him. I stood up, taking the lube and generously drizzled it over my stiff dick. Sealing the lid, I dropped it on the chair and gave my cock a quick stroke to spread the liquid before standing. "Sure you're ready?"

He nodded again, his dark hair swaying from the motion. "I am, just fuck me already!"

Chuckling softly, I then rubbed my cock between his cheeks, pressing it against his opening. I gripped onto his hips, then thrust forward, burying myself in it. He let out a loud moan, somewhere between pain and pleasure and I forced myself to still within him. Fuck he felt so fucking good. "Don't stop... I'm ok."

Nodding again, I began to move, the pace fairly slow and steady. The sound of skin slapping against skin filled the air, the noise serving as a backdrop to the groans we made. "Touch yourself baby..." I whispered, grinning as his hand left his cheek to grasp his dick, stroking it at the same pace as my hip movements. Licking my lips, I increased my speed, my balls slapping against him as I did so.

"Fuck, you're so hot while you're doing that." I ran my hands over his back gently, my cock pistoning in and out of his clenching hole. I tipped my head back slightly, enjoying the feeling of his fucking wonderful body. I wondered if I was his first. From the way he worked me, I probably wasn't, but he could always have used his toy as practise. "You feel so... fuck, I could be in you forever."

"Or at least till you cum." He panted out below me, pushing his ass back against me.

"Mmmm, but I was just implying how fucking awesome your arse feels when you do that... fuck!" I groaned as he clenched around me when I was inside him fully, making my eyes lid. "Ugh yeah, just like that..."

"Ugh... I only did it so hard cause you hit the... whatever it is that's up there." I nodded, making sure to hit it again on each subsequent thrust. If my blood wasn't in one place I'd have tried to think of the name of that spot, but as it was I preferred to just fuck him now and think later.

"Shit...." Our speech degenerated into curse words and incoherent mumbles. My thrusts varied from being quick to slow and back again, the movements becoming erratic. His body suddenly tensed beneath me, becoming an arch shape as he let out a particularly loud moan, his hole squeezing indicating he had cum. I moaned, shifting my head to gaze at the white splatter that now occupied the floor under him. It looked so beautiful. "Fuck..."

I tried to hold back, but it was so fucking hard when Tom's ass wouldn't stop spasming and he looked so beautiful all panting and sweaty. "I'm... I'm..." I barely got the words out before I exploded, filling him up with my load, my blunt nails digging into his slick skin.

I fell back as I removed myself from him, my soft cock slipping out with a soft, wet pop. I watched in amusement as he rolled onto his side, panting as heavily as I was. "That was..."

"I know..." I smiled down at him, rubbing the back of his ankle with my foot. "The best ever." He nodded in agreement, sprawling himself over the floor like it was his new favourite spot. I shrugged and shifted to join him, curling up behind him. I felt a trickle of my cum land on my cock as it nestled in his crack, but I didn't exactly care.

"How long do we have?"

"Fucked if I know." I said with a chuckle, kissing the nape of his neck lightly. "Don't worry about it, we'll move when we're ready and if we have an audience well... they can just wank or fuck off." He giggled, the noise making me smile and kiss along his collarbone. "Either way, stay the night? I'd love to do that again."

"Mmmm, sure." He nodded, turning slightly so we could kiss again, a light brush of our lips since we were both still panting. "Not tonight though... I doubt I could... get it up again."

"Me either." I nodded and kissed his nose, smiling and shifting to stand. "Stay right where you are beautiful, I've just gotta go piss." Unless you're into that sort of thing. I could practically hear my brother saying those words as I made my way to the toilet, shaking my head slightly.

Once I'd drained my bladder, I returned, finding Tom to be still where I'd left him, although he was now sleeping. True to my word, I curled up back along side him, brushing a small lock of hair from his face to kiss his cheek. "I love you." I whispered softly, then layed back to watch him sleep.
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