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Cause it would've been a lie

Things that've happened since we got back:
*Digibox has died. Bah! Now we can't watch awesome digital tv
*Monday and Tueday I slept in the media room
*Gotta listen to the Radio 1 rock show on Monday cause they'll be playing most of Slipknot's set. Awesome!
*An interview on Monday's one with Corey was so cute. He did a yay!
*The Madina Lake video isn't as good as I thought it ould be. Gah, they should do a good video already right?
*Fightstar should do another too, cause Deathcar was awesome
*The laptop has been uberbitchy
*Yay for a pic in Kerrang of Sean licking Bob's head... and cute Jay being cute
*I want Bullet's next dvd now damnit. Is it even announced?
*Finally finished fic tyoping last night. Shall finish it laters I hopes
*I keep listening to Papa Roach songs... damn them
*I keep meaning to shower but I fail
*Might be going to Tonbridge today or tomorrow
*Cute bug from bath=fwend!
*I wanna catch squiggel!
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