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Remind me that the past is real

Epic Download post ahoy. Please keep your hands and arms inside the carpet at all times. Picture/video post later/tomorrow.

This is all mostly from notes I took over the weekend, so it may seem disjointed/random/crazy.

Thursday: aka the day with lots of travel and arriving

The coach trip was overly long cause roads were closed (why I dunno) so it was like an extra hour or so added onto the journey. It didn't help that the sun meant it took forever to do what I was trying to do on Pokemon either. Also didn't help that the train was crazy overpriced.

Download's truly a wonderful and amazing sort of place. In just a few days there's enough tents put up for tens of thousands of people to live in a dn we all manage to get on pretty well because we're all realy there for the same thing. It's all kinds of awesome.

We didn't do too much in the village (we didn't see a film we thought of seeing or go to the comedy club or anything).

Mikeysaur got me a Welsh flag, which is big and snuggly. Welshies are odd though.

While waiting for food there was an odd dude (most likely gay and/or drunk) who called himself Captain Seuin. He was amusing.

Friday: aka the day with the first bands

Friday was tiring (as was every day cause the huge amount of walking).

One not so awesosme thing about Download is there was no signing tents this year, which is kinda sucky. I'm glad Bullet weren't there cause I'd have wanted signed stuff from them.

Hollywood Undead were the first band we listened to. They weren't as bad as they were at The Blackout, which seems somewhat odd to me.

After them there was (of course) The Blackout. Bob seemed to growl a lot, Matthew seemed serious/nervous, Sean jacked off the mic and Snoz looked sexy. Both Gavin and Sean were mic swinging, which is a very bad idea cause I'm sure they almost hit people. The divs. They did a little bit of Break Stuff, which was pretty awesome.

After hunting around a bit we found the Dropdead tent, which had free stickers and shit. We went back there each of the days.

Then we went to the second stage. While we waited Parkway Drive came on, so we listened. They weren't as good as they sounded on Monday on the radio (though that might've been just me). fruityahren has the singer got a breathing problem or something? He seemed to be having trouble and panting a lot.

After that there was Dir En Grey, which were pretty awesome. They attracted quite a crowd. The guitarist was pretty. I think they might've been better then when I saw them at Kerrang though I'm not sure. I must listen to them more.

After that, there was Bring Me The Horizon. This is the third time I've seen them and it was pretty good this time. The replacement for Curtis is ugh though. Tom (Oli's brother) was watching from the side of the stage, like a cute puppy. Oli was surprisingly understandable too, which is odd. Normally I can't understand a single word he says, but I could then. He spat a lot too and amused me by going on about his dirty ass (I thought it was hot, Mikey thought it was TMI). Oli was also bendy, on his knees and crawling a lot. Kinky bitch.

After that we went back to the Dropdead tent for their signing. Yeah, we got a random free picture card signed by them (even replacement boy). Oli was cute and I managed to say hi to him. While waiting in line, we saw Tom walking away somewhere.

In the crowd there was a grim reaper and there were also red minotaur things that were on stilts so they were twice as tall as me.

We saw Limp Bizkit which were good. Mikey thought Sean might try and get onstage but he didn't.

I meant to see Korn and Staind, but I missed both, but I wasn't too fussed by either (plus I heard that one Staind song I liked anyway).

Are all the toilets real? Cause (while waiting for Mikey) I'm sure that so many of the doors were just... always locked.

We had vegi food on the way back to the tent, though mine failed and fell apart.

That night I caught Heatran on Pokemon after forever, but it sapped most of the DS' battery so it was out of action from soon after that. Heatran has AT-AT feet.

I got inspired for fic that night, which I wrote on Saturday. It's Jay Smith/Tom Sykes and should be done tomorrowish maybe?

Drunk people outside are fun to listen to.

Saturday: aka Stormtroopers!

I won't lie, I thought Saturday was the best day of the three, just cause.

We had a better sleep then Friday, which was good.

We each got a tee from the Dropdead tent. Mine's like... I dunno, it's hard to describe. There'll be a picture soon anyway. I like it.

While hanging around the second stage, we saw a dude with an awesome Death Note tattoo on his back (with Light standing with his arms outstretched and L on his knees).

Also, we saw stormtroopers! There were three with a scoutrooper and I got a picture! How awesome's that? (I hoped to run into them again to get another, but we didn't see them.)

Fightstar were the first band we saw and they were awesome like always. I could see Omar from where we stood (I've seen Fightstar loads and never have I been able to see him before) but the camera used for the screens failed at getting good shots of him. Dan talked a lot, which seemed odd. Charlie was all grr and Alex was all smily (though facial hair doesn't suit him). THeir manager came on for the last song and he was pretty too. He took over Charlie's guitar bits while he prowled the stage.

There was an air guitar thing announced by The Blackout Friday, so we figured be there in case they were. They were, but they hardly did anything and it seemed pointless. Though the crowd got Rhys and crowd surfed him away without giving him back.

We saw You Me At Six then. They were good, but I don't really get the hype about them.

To all the chicks that got their tits out on the screens: it's not big or fucking clever.

I got the white Iron fist tee cheap, although it's a large so I may swim in it. Later in the festival I saw it for £8 at another stall, so I'm glad I got it.

Next we saw Marilyn Manson. He's getting it on with his guitarist and he's such a camera whoreit's unreal.

Before he started, there was a cute lesbian couple that made me go awww inside.

Slipknot were awesome, though I missed the middle of their set (which sucks). The drummers kit was on a lift and spun around and was cool. I wanna see them if they do a tour anytime soon.

The reason we missed the middle of the set was that Ghost Of A Thousand had to pull out on the smallest tent, so The Blackout replaced them. Naturally we went. Naturally the tent was essentially empty, so it was the smallest crowd for them ever. They probably played the better set that night. I managed to get Sean's water bottle and gave it Mikey. Sean wrapped the cord of the mic around his neck (I swear that's how he'll die) and licked both Rhys' bass and Bob's head. The odd boy. Matthew seemed happier with the smaller crowd and was actually smiley and cute. Jay was watching from the side of the stage and being cute as he sung along. Rhys wore one of his famous v-necks. At one point Sean said 'I don't know why you're here, with Slipknot over there, Prodigy there and Anvil there' to which Gavin replied with 'Don't remind them!' At the end of the set, Matthew grabbed Jay and got him onstage, where he sang/screamed along like an idiot. It was cutes.

That night was the latest one we were out. Going in the crowd of people random things were shouted. Someone said 'sheep shagger' which was promptly followed by 'Welsh person!' being yelled out. Yay!

Sunday: aka The last day

We woke up early which was pointless since no one was on for hours.

We went to the Dropdead tent and got more free stuff and I got the dino tee and poster ((though all the fancy plastic bags had gone. Mikey just got a poster cause the tee he wanted wasn't there.

We got a Download paper thing which had The Blackout in. Coolness.

While waiting for Dear Superstar I got beer in my hair. Not cool, but it was bound to happen. Dear Superstar were good, better live then I expected. The singer's pretty.

I got a Bullet tee which I saw in the village the day before from a stall. It was £20 in the village and I got it for 10. Awesome! It has like an eagle on it. So, I got three tees from Download, none related to the festival or of an artist that played there. Odd.

We watched some of Steel Panther's set. The were amusing. And yay for them playing Community Property! It's an awesome song. The chorus says it all: Cause my heart belongs to you, My love is pure and true, My heart belongs to you, But my cock is community property.

On the way away from them, I saw Sam from college, which was pretty cool. I thought I'd seen him the day before. It was nice.

We made our way all across the venue to see Attack! Attack!. We missed the start, but we got there in time for Honesty, yay! They were better live then I'd expected them to be. Ryan's perdys and cute.

Next we went back to the second stage to see Papa Roach (who I never realised were there till we got to going through the people we wanted to see. They were pretty fantastic, playing Hollywood Whore, Getting Away With Murder and, of course, Last Resort. Jacoby was very very pretty and what is it with everyone commenting on the oddness of the sun/heat? The bassist and guitarist were hot too.

We stayed for Trivium, though further back then before. We stayed for a couple of songs and they sounded good, though I wish I'd heard them more befrehand. Matt's hair looks wrong, Corey looked pretty and Paolo... no to short hair! Their stage decorations were beautiful and all japanese. Before we went, Matt did a little speech that I thought was sweet about how without British fans they';d never be where they are today. Yay for them being humble and nice and yay for us!

We saw We Are The Ocean then. Again, I wish I could've heard them beforehand, but they were good. Again, the snger's pretty and he's bouncy like Sean. Maybe that's why they hang out?

The night was a bit mad, cause Mikey was uber paranoid about fires, however, rain happened soon after he went to sleep. I had trouble sleeping though, which was kinda bad.

Monday: aka today/the last day there

In a way I wish there was a fourth day and I do miss it. It was sad to pack up and leave the place behind.

We got on the early bus, but weren't sitting next to each other so that was sucky, though we arrived in London before we would've left. The driver was div-like for taking us to the wrong terminal though, going to departures instead of arrivals.

So, that's about it. I'm gonna go through e-mail/tweets/f-list and maybe type up fic and definitely shower and sleep.

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