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Pack up your belongings

So this is probably the last post pre-Download. Well, last main one anyway. It's scary.

The line-up times have been announced, so we're gonna print it out and mark off who we want to see. Sunday's gonna be the least busy day I think. When we get there we're gonna have an explore and in general we'll be doing random stuff. Unlike most everyone there we won't be drinking booze (cause we just don't like the stuff). We're being pretty much organised but... I dunno. We might go to the cinema or a comedy night at some point since it's likely we won't sleep.

I'm taking a notepad in case I get inspired to write, which I may do anyway.

I'd only want merch from a band or two I think. Maybe. I dunno.

We've got food for it, so we should be ok on that front too. I'm praying it won't rain cause I've no wet weather gear.

On Pokemon, I'm past the Elite Four and I'm in the Battle Frontier area. I'm trying to build up money to get the villa stuff and I'll tackle Stark Mountain at some point. Mostly at Battle Frontier I do the Battle Factory, cause I like that.

I've got Steel Panther's song Community Property stuck in my head, after hearing it on the radio the other night.

I felt sick yesterday. I think I got Mikey's thing. I feel a bit better today though I think.

I called mum earlier and she seems calmer today (especially when I pointed out that her thing was booked before she'd even talked to me about coming back) so I should be back there next Saturday/Sunday. How thrilling to go back to home that's gonna have a billion workmen in fucking it up more.

That's it really. Everyone stay ok. Don't do anything I wouldn't do huh?
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