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Little thing

Short Blue slash....again. Somehow I manage to get even more angsty then Falling Apart. Quick warning: This ain't happy folks.

Pairing: Lee/Duncan
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash, swearing, deathfic, suicide
Disclaimer: Don't own em.

Lee's POV

I stare at the knife lying next to me. I'd wasted too much time already. He'd ignored me for the last time. Fucking bastard.
I clasped the knife's handle. I was a fool to love him, he'd never feel the same. I was even stupider to tell him. Have him spit in my face and insult me. Hurt me deeper then I was going to.
I picked it up, remembering how his eyes widened in shock. I bought it up to my throat and slashed. Blood began pouring down my naked body. I collapsed on the bed, feeling my life slip away. I hoped he'd know it was his fault, that he caused this. My eyes were closing, it took all my will to keep them open.
The door opened and it barely registered. Until I heard his voice.
"Lee? Lee you there? I wanna ask, did you reall mean what you said? Cause if you did...." I saw him stand there, surrounded by light as he saw me. "Oh fuck."
It hurt to even breathe now. I saw him picking up the phone, dialling 999. I barely heard his words. "Yes... room 603.... he's cut his throat.... " He put the phone down as I felt my breath stop.
"Don't do this to me Lee!" He shook me frantically, trying to keep me concious. "I'm so sorry. Please... don't die, cause I," He paused, teas streamed down my face, "I love you."
That was the last thing I heard as I blacked out.
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