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Evil triumphs when good people do nothing

So the BNP have won seats. The bastards. How can they have won? Yes the government's bad, but at least it's not full of the rascists, rapists and old people beaters that the BNP are.

Finally, the two Download people are being announced tonight. Await them I shall.

I'm gonna see about finishing that fic tonight. All the things I've meant to do pre-Download seem to have been... squished, cause I fail.

Later, I've gota call mum. Maybe in half hour or something.

Today's not been so bad.

I got Mikey some sheep stuff and a few cute little ornaments for me (a moose and a turtle). I got the Trek comic and a Xena series cheap (cause she's cool and I love her spinny things). JC went better then expected (though if I stay here, I'm pushed into a course that ties me here till mid-September and is in Maidstone, which is apparently an hour away wtf?). However, I can get a train pass if I go in before going home, which'll give me half off or something.

That's it really.
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