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Never backing down

Why have I spent half an hour looking for Mcfly porn? I have a craving. Damn you Harry.

I'm not really looking forward to tomorrow, I just want it outta the way.

I got semi-inspiration for fic last night, so the UA one might be finished tonight. Well, I think so anyway.

I'm multitasking my being on Pokemon and doing this post. I'm in the last gym. (FYI, dressing as a Pikachu doesn't make you hardcore.)

AOL seems to be sucky right now. I wanna beat it up.

From x_monroeville_x

Reply to this post by yelling "Words". I'll pick five words that I associate with you. Post to your journal about those words and get your friends to do the same.

Gerard Way, fandom, Star Wars, Waycest and Matt Tuck

1: Gerard Way

Gerard's really strange, but awesome in his own way. I've become indifferent really since the whole 'wedding/baby' thing. Honestly, I'm still skeptical about all that. Especially with that stupid name. However, then there's UA which is all kinds of awesome. Seriously, if you've not read it, you totally should.

2: Fandom

I dunno why this one was picked really. I'm not really a big part of any anymore. I don't really participate because... well, most fandoms are full of total elitist bitches (aka the MCR one) however, I've met some nice people there (aka f-list) so...

3: Star Wars

This is my first and constant 'fandom' really. Everything else may come and go, but Star Wars is constant. Why? Cause it's awesome. Space battles, amputations left and right, tentacled aliens, killer droids... it has everything. Plus, when the first gay characters were introduced in a novel the other year, they were married to each other and kick ass Mandolorians who ould kill with their bare hands. I'll probably get a Star Wars tattoo at some point, but not the standard stuff.

4: Waycest

My first MCR pairing cause... come on, they're so doing it. They're so obvious at times it's unreal. And es, I realise I've not wrote about them in... ever. And I hate how the fanbase for them seems to have dried up. Where's all the fic gone?

5: Matt Tuck

He's not the Bullet boy I'd have expected to be chosen (since he's what, my third or fourth fav?). Ironically as I got to this Bullet started playing, odd huh? Anyway, don't get me wrong, he's cool and everything but... likemost lead singers I think he gets too much of the attention. Cause, to me anyway, Jay's the most awesome (is anyone actually surprised I said that?). But Matt's got this skinny think going on. I wonder how he'd look standing next to Mikeyway? Hmmm. 'm surprised there's not more fic of him getting raped/Bullet in general.

Yeah, I kinda rambled there.
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