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For my own reference mostly. Shall be struck out when done. They'll probably be some things added as well.

For before Download:
*Call mum
*Pack stuff
*Fic: meme fics
*Fic: UA fic
*Fic: girl!Kirk fic
*Sort UA figures
*Read UA again
*Sort JC (bah)
*Get more food/drink for Download
*Go on Wi-fi to get Rotom key
*Get to at least the Elite Four
*Find pod thing

For between Download and going home (some which may be done soon):
*Death Note run
*Clone Wars run
*Find datapad/lost badges
*Pack stuff for home
*Test comp
*Get Majora's Mask on Wii

Today we went to Tesco and got some things. Nothing new there really. There's several good games coming out for the Wii later this year. Damnit.

Wise people with playstations/whatever: is Silent Hill any good?

While playing through Platinum I think Volkner and Flint (the last gym leader and one of the Elite Four) are doing it. All of my team are at 50.

It's strange to think that next week we'll be camped out in a field and the week after I'll be sorting myself out for home.

Speaking of Download they were meant to announce the last two bands and times of everyone yesterday, but haven't. Useless people.

Is anyone else going apart from the obvious?

Is the internet broken? Sites seem to be fucking up/being slow everywhere.

The past few days haven't been terribly exciting. I guess things'll pick up as Mikey gets bettter and during the mad rush to pack everything in. The most exciting things are seeing a squiggle and woodpecker outside, and Zero thinking my head's a climbing frame.

And yay for the gay penguins raising a chick. I think it's so cute.
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