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Laying Like That You Look Like A Whore

Laying Like That You Look Like A Whore
Pairing: Matthew Davies/Rhys Lewis
Rating: NC-17
POV: Matthew
Warnings: BDSM, crossdressing
Notes: For Mikeysaur, cause I want you to get betters soon.

I lay sprawled on the bed, my wrists and ankles secured tightly to the bedposts. Between my legs, my dick stood tall and proud, the tip brushing against my stomach and leaving light stains on my pale skin. I squirmed slightly against the sheets, wishing I could touch my erect cock. The toy lodged up my ass wasn't making the feeling any easier, it's flayed end pressed against the sheets. A purple rubber ring encircled the base of my shaft, ensuring I wouldn't wilt. My eyelids fluttered open slightly at the sound of footsteps and I turned my head slightly to get a better look.

There, standing in the doorway was Rhys. He wasn't naked, as I was. He wore shiny, black boots that extended halfway to his knees. Covering the rest of his hairless legs was a mesh of black tights, extending up to his thighs. My eyes were drawn to his dick, as erect as my own was though larger in both it's length and girth. I salivated slightly, craving his dick inside me. I was glad he hadn't decided to cover up, as he usually concealled it with a skirt or underwear. His upper half was prctically bare, apart from a PVC bra that covered his flat chest.

He stalked across the room, swaying his hips. "How do you feel Matthew?"

"Like a whore." I whispered softly, looking over at him. I knew it was the correct response. I'd been lying here for awhile now, probably close to an hour if not longer. I was absolutely desperate for him now. "Please, I need it."

"What?" He asked as he paced beside the bed, hips and ass wiggling with every step he took. "Is it this you need?" He asked, reaching down and running a finger along his hard length teasingly. I nodded wildly, drool leaking from the corners of my lips. "I don't know, you seem pretty fell as it is..." I whimpered softly and tried to push the dildo out of me, raising my hips to aid the process yet failing to push out more then an inch or two. I heard him chuckle, a pair of his fingers brushing up along the side of my leg. "Alright, I give you what you want. This time."

I knew he only gave up so easily because he was so eager to cum himself, probably because we hadn't been able to do this in awhile. He shifted his hand up my thigh, gripping the dildo and pulling it out of me with a sharp tug. I groaned in surprise at the sudden action, then whimpered at the loss of it. He undid the restraints that held each of my ankles, then tapped his chin in thought. "Legs to your chest."

I nodded, shifting them up and pressing my knees against my flat stomach. I would have held them in place with my arms if they weren't restrained, but I knew he'd refuse to release them. He mounted the bed, kneeling where my legs had been located. After a few moments, he gripped my sides with his surprisingly strong hands and lifted me up enough for his cock to rub over my hole. He looked into my eyes, silently asking if I was ready. After a quick nod from me, he slammed his hard dick into my hole. I moaned loudly at the intrusion, his nails digging into my flesh.

"You may move them around me now." He growled softly, starting to move within me. I did just that, spreading my legs and wrapping them around his pretty waist. My eyes fluttered closed as the blunt head of his dick hit my spot. I grunted softly, clenching my arse muscles around him.

He scratched my sides, spitting on me three times in quick sucession. Each glob rolled down my chest, leaving a clear trail along it's route. "Ugh... you feel so... so fucking good Rh... sir." I groaned as he slapped me around the face for the slip of my tongue, knowing it would leave a bright red mark. My face was so flushed I was sure the mark wouldn't show up too well. That didn't seem to matter to him, as he just seemed to fuck me with wild abandon.

His hips crashed against my cheeks repeatedly, each time hard enough that I was sure they'd leave an impression upon the soft skin. His gaze was focussed on me, the dark orbs blazing with lust. "Ugh..." I groaned, trying to get my mind in some form of order so I could just focus on one thing. I tried to think of something coherent to say, but all that came out of my mouth were moans of pleasure in increasing volume. When I finally managed something, my words sounded pathetic, even to my own ears. "Please can I? I... need to..."

"Useless slut wants to cum too huh?" He growled softly, but even so he reached between my legs and pulled off the ring, the rubber starting to return to it's original shape as he flung it aside. I barely heard it hit the carpet beside the bed. "I suppose you can." He released another growl, reaching for my stick and gripping it tight, stroking it in surprisingly slow, firm strokes. He knew if he went faster I'd release after just a few seconds. I rocked my hips up between his hand and dick, making sure to continue squeezing him every so often despite it being too difficult to keep any set pace. "I'm getting close you filthy let whore." He whispered into the air, voice flooded with lust. His words were followed by another flurry of spit landing on my chest, though I didn't pay attention to it this time.

"Please...cum in me sir, I need it so fucking bad! Ugh!" More moans left his lips and his back arched, forming a perfect curve as he came inside me. I watched, entralled as his head tipped back, his adam's apple bobbing as he released a low groan to signify his climax.

His fingers tightened their grip on my cock and after just a few seconds, I followed suit, spurting over my belly with a soft, breathy groan. My legs fell from his body, landing on the bed either side of him as he took a few moments to compose himself. By the time he pulled out, I knew he was ready to go. "You did well whore." He growled softly, tapping my chin with his hand lightly, his fingertips lingering to stroke my cheek for a moment before withdrawing. He slipped off the bed, undoing my remaining restraints as he circled the bed. "I'm going for a piss and maybe a shower, want to join me?"

I nodded and rubbed my wrists, then stood up. Mentally, I was thanking him, though I knew better then to do it now. There were other, better times. I felt his cum slide down the backs of my legs as I followed him into the bathroom.
Tags: fic, matthew davies, matthew davies/rhys lewis, rhys lewis, slash, the blackout
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