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Stars glitter

I shouldn't plan things in advance, cause I never actually end up doing them.

I started writing something last night to cheer sickie Mikey up, so I'll finish it soon. It's another The Blackout fic. I wasn't going to the short smut fic as them, but it's too cheer him up basically. And cause I couldn't decide on anyone else. After it I may do another and finish the meme fics, the girl!Kirk one and (at least a first part to) the Umbrella Academy one (although I could probably do just a little more to it and post that). I wanna try and do all of those before Download.

I predict Download will be all kinds of a crazy hell. Just cause.

Mikey's had his hair done, but feels worse today. I feel so useless really.

I did get three of the legendary Pokemon last night. Two of the lake Pokemon and Girantina. Also got Mespirit down to catchable HP, it's just getting it in the ball.

I'll have to go to Walsall or somewhere on the 27th of July, to get the Watchmen dvd and Torchwood one. It's not been on tv, yet the dvds out then. Crazy no? I wish I'd got that Watchmen dvd from Tesco when I saw it.

I've gotta call mum at some point. Perhaps tomorrow.
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