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We were deceived

This is just so fucking awesome/kickass! It's a trailer for the next Star Wars game, The Old Republic and just... wow. I wasn't terribly fussed about it (cause I generally suck at PC games cause I tend not to go on them, with the laptop at home I'll stick KOTOR on it and go on it over summer) but just... awesomeness! A Star Wars game with flamethrowers, Coruscant, astro droids and holographic erotic dancers (shown in screenshots, not in the trailers) can't be anything except awesomeness. And even more so cause Nautolans and Kaleesh'll be in judging from the avatars.

Other random thoughts while I'm being flaily:
*The Blackout are still pervs. I love them (this is carried on from last night not something new)
*I gave up on Feebas. Screw that shit. I'll get it on the GTS. I beat the ice gym barely, which is odd considering I have a Houndoom. Galactic tonight.
*I want those two Download peeps announced now so I know if I care. I'm still blindly hoping for Bullet.
*Is it just me, or is the MCR fandom essentially dead now?
*Picnic went on hold cause Mikey's sick, so I'm in the media room again.
*Still need to do the UA read through
*Got writer's block on the UA related fic, so I might try some random porn.
*Clone Wars run tomorrow
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