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Snow tree!

Today's been one of those slow days. My badges from the gig (and a thing from one of my figures) have gone AWOL and I've found neither.

I read more of the Doctor book while Mikey was having guitar, then we had ice cream and I got some fruit salad chewits. I want more damnit, why's no one have them anymore? They're so hard to find.

Gotta go on Pokemon later and beat the ice gym. Maybe I'll train up an ice pokemon after the Elite Four. Probably Sneasel or Snover, the adorable snow tree.

Anyone know where I could learn Astrophysics on its own? Most places do it as a part of physics and I wanna find it on it's own.

I'm gonna do that UA read through tomorrow (so I can get on with the fic). I'll probably do some sort of rambling after it. We're gonna do a picnic then too. Speaking of UA, I've gotta sort out the figures before Download.

Why aren't there any full, recent The Blackout shoots online? It's annoying.

Yay for two more Download people. Please one be fucking Bullet.

My head's hurting, so I'm gonna go now and eat.
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