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Raise your voice and shout

Yesterday was ok till the night. Really, I should have known that in advance. In the day I was on Pokemon and watched Death Note Volume 1. L's so pretty. Pokemon wise, I've just gotten through Iron Island and I'll go against the steel gym tonight. Mikey's way ahead of me, being at the Distortion World. My team is Gengar, Scyther, Empoleon, Luxray, Gabite and Houndoom. Gengar's at 43, the rest are at 42.

I started work on the UA fic and it makes me wanna do the read through more. It's set before the events of Apocalypse Suite. Like all of mine so far, it's Seance based. I've really gotta do a Hzel and Cha Cha one.

Like I said, night sucked really. I got all... eh and then felt worse. Meh. Least I made a friend while outside, with a little kitty. It kept rubbing itself against me and generally being cute.

Today's hot. Annoyingly so.

And now, a picture post. It's taken ages cause photobucket/Firefox have fucked up.

Anyway, here we go.

First off, pictures from the gig. Most of mine=shit. No pics of Snoz/Gareth cause drummers are hard to get (why the fuck is that, it's no fair! Drummers=sex mostly). None of Bob/James either because he kept rocking out so hard the pics of him are blurred.

Gavin, Matthew, Rhys

Sean, Matthew, Rhys

Sean, Gavin, Rhys

Matthew, Rhys

Sean, Gavin

Now with the four I managed to get pics with (Matthew was all tetchy and ran off, though I did get to talk to him) and Sean was all crowded (as fucking usual).

Gavin (his eyes are so oddly blue)

James/Bob (baldy!)

Rhys (behold, his girly v-neck!)

Gareth/Snoz (who is hugeee)

Next, the stuff I got.

Resident Evil book front...

...and back

Umbrella Academy book/figure set front....

...and back

...and out of packaging

The LP album and single

The signed album and poster bought from the venue

Album close up

Other stuff

Trek/Star Wars figures

With kitty fwend


Me and cuddly Snoz the sheep of love

End of post. Futurama now, Pokemon laters.
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