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We are the children of the night

Today's been good, in a random way. Very hot.

We left at lunch time and went to Forbidden Planet after Mikey got Rock Sound (yay for him letting me have the Oli/Madina cards). Forbidden Planet wasn't as good as I hoped (they didn't have the latest set of minis or the Kit figure) but I got the Umbrella Academy book and figure set and a Resident Evil 4 dvd/book. It was £42 and I got it for £3.99. Looking at it now, it doesn't look like it's worth that, but I've not seen the dvd yet. I guess it'll help with my learning.

After that we went to the massive HMV. I changed my Deep Space 9 boxset for one that (I hope) works. The guy that sorted it for me seemed stoned though. Also I got The Blackout's single, massive LP and You Me At Six's single (for the cover).

Then we went to near the venue and ate. Fuck it was good to sit and eat at Mcdonalds.

After that, we went in a few shops, then found the venue. Sean's brother was standing around outside, then vanished. We sat around for a bit, before joining the queue when it became a proper one.

Once inside, we got the signed albums that were there (oddly, they were some still left at the show's end). Mikey got me a badge set (and I wish I'd had enough for the moon tee... I hope it's put online/at Download). Mikey also got a poster, which I wasn't bothered about until I saw it was signed and it was limited edition so I nabbed one.

We missed most of The Urgency due to merch, so I dunno what they were like. After that we sat down. Hollywood Undead were eh. I didn't like them. Silverstein were good though.

The Blackout were the best, obviously. Sean licked Matthew's neck. Bob kicked ass. Matthew was, very very strangely, much more confident then usual. He swore, got the crowd going and even fucking jumped in the pit, all very un-Matthew like. At the end of the gig everyone came on stage, including Sean's baby brother who was headbanging all over the place.

My pictures are mostly shit.

After the gig, the whole band came out, which was awesome. When Sean did I got shoved by the dumbass stampeed. Stupid fucking fangirls. They scared poor Matthew. I got pictures with everyone but Sean and Matthew. I got nothing signed, boo. Bpob was crazy and kept dinging and trying to sell the cds. Snoz was adorable and remmebered me! Everyone else was sweet. I'll post em soon.

Random thoughts:
*I expected to get inspired for The Blackout fic, but instead my mind started working on that Umbrella Academy one. I'll note it down tomotrrow to take my mind off things.
*After that/concurrently 'll finish the girl!Kirk fic. The scene I'm currently on shall be the last.
*There's a song called Tower Of Snakes, f-list who is it by? I have no idea.
*I'm a little more excited over Download now
*Bandit is still a stupid fucking name
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