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Pairing: Matt Good/Sean Smith
Rating: NC-17
POV: Sean
Warnings: Vomit
Notes: For Mikeysaur... to cheer him up. Though it's so late it's not necessary.

"I look nothing like that stupid wizard!" I growled in annoyance the second we were alone, the camera blissfully taken by his bandmates to film.... whatever those stupid Americans would film. Probably some tourist shit. He looked up at me from his position at the sofa, his eyes big and wide as he studied me. He said nothing for a few seconds, then reclined slightly.

"I dunno. You could pull off the look if you just wore different clothes..." I could see the smile spreading across his lips, but I was far from amused. I stalked the rest of the way towards him and he licked his lips. "And if you didn't have that bit or fringe..."

I reached down, wrapping a hand around his throat and squeezing my fingers, pressing them into his pale skin. "Shut the fuck up you stupid goth!" I growled at him, glaring down at him. "I look nothing like no poncy wizard." He squirmed slightly under me, though I noted his jeans were bulging. Was he trying to piss me off?

I thought for a moment and released his throat, shifting my hand to his hair and gripping tightly onto the dark locks. "On your knees bitch." With some manuvering on his part, he slipped off the sofa and fell to his knees in front of me so his face was inches from my crotch. The slut. I growled, pushing his head closer with my hand. His lips parted, taking the zipper between them and tugging it down slowly. When I let out another low growl, he pulled it down all the way, freeing my stiff dick. It made me glad I'd decided to go commando today. My dick slapped him around the face, leaving a sticky smear on his cheek.

"I'm sure you know what to do." He nodded, parting his lips and taking a few inches into his talented mouth. His tongue pressed and wiggled against my shaft, making me moan softly. "Mmmm that's it bitch. Suck it like the cheap slut you are." I groaned as his teeth grazed my shaft, his hands holding onto my clothed thighs, pushing the material down. He returned his hands to the same location on my thighs, stroking the bare skin lightly as he bobbed his head up and down.

I was content to let him keep up the pace for a few moments, then dug my fingers into his scalp, holding his head in place. At the same time, I thrust my hips forward harshly, burying my cock down his throat, making it bulge obscenely. I held his head in place, purring at the sweet contractions his throat was giving me. When his eyes lidded I pulled out and rammed back harshly, making him gag. After another thrust I let out a soft purr, feeling him start to vomit around me. Perfect. Another slam of my hips against his face, and he heaved the thick, acidic fluid over my cock. Some of it escaped his lips to dribble over my wrinkled sac and to stick up my curly, blonde-dyed pubic hair. "Oh fuck yes!"

I moaned in arousal at the sight and feeling, even more turned on now then I was before. Fuck I loved making pretty boys throw up around my big cock. Growling, I pounded his face, not caring that he was forced to taste his own sick. I could feel my orgasm build up in my balls already. "Look at you, you filthy fucking slut. Face covered in your own sick and you're still hungry for my cock." I groaned my voice slightly breathy and shaky, despite my words. I spat on his back, thrusting my hips back and forth a handfull more times. My back arched as I came down his throat, my seed hitting the back of it.

I watched him swallow, then moved back, wiping my dirty cock over his face and through his dark hair. I licked at my lips at the sight of him. "Perfect." I pulled my jeans back up, tucking my cock away. Once my fly was zipped up, I removed my phone and took a few choice shots of the slut all desperate and needy. He was still erect, not having even undud his fly to play with himself. "I'm not taking care of that for you." I noticed a glint of silver out of the corner of my eye and smirked. "But he can."

I grinned, leaving Matt and to slump in the chair, gesturing for my silver-clad brother to make use of this whore. After all, little Jay was used to my leaveoffs now.
Tags: fic, from first to last, matt good, matt good/sean smith, sean smith, slash, the blackout
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