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Altered plans

Basically, this a to-do list, which is mostly for my reference.

*Get Pokemon Platinum

At some point:
*Check out the fire damage

*Go to that thing with sheep and stuffs

This week
*Read all Umbrella Academy
*Finish meme fics (Bob/Frank, Spencer porn)
*Take a look at girl!Kirk again

*Stupid JC thing/check money

*The Blackout gig/Forbidden Planet

*Wanting to be alone/call mum

Sometime while Claire's here
*Watch Labyrinth
*Watch new Trek

Before I go home
*Death Note run
*Clone Wars run

Sometime before Download
*Arrange UA figs (if they're not in FP cheap enough)

JC annoys me cause the money was meant to be in today but it wasn't gah. I wish there was a proper cash point near here so I could check.

The way things are working out, money for Download'll be closer to £50 then £100, but I don't see myself needing that much there anyway. Still don't feel terribly excited for it.

I might try and write later, but if I'm on Pokemon I won't. Pokemon's been saturating the ads, so I want it and Tesco has it for cheap so...

That's it really. I hope more Pokemmon's uploaded for us to watch as well. Pokemon=awesome!
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