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Did happiness die?

Or are people just goin through hell now? It seems that way. I dunno how I can help anyone, I mean I can't even help myself :( *hugs everyone on friends list especially duncan_james*

I caught a guy looking at me today. We were walking past him and I turned to see watch him go, and as I did he turned his head at exactly the same moment! I dunno if it's a good sign or anything.
Was he attracted to me? I dunno

Turns out the job is for older people so I can't do it :(
I seen the woman and she was really nice. We talked about everything. I'm seeing her next week. She agreed that it was the right thing to do. :D I feel validated

I bought the other Breathe Easy single, hope it stays in the top 10. Anyone know when This Love is out, cause I want it. Kel got the Guilty tour, I can't wait. I want it now!

Seen Lee on the bus back. I glared at him at wished he'd die. I can't see how kel could be nice to him, is she mad? (ok bad question) I want him killed painfully. Anyone know a hitman?

Seeing Gothika this week, tommorrow or Wednesday I hope :D
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