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Left Swinging In The Darkness

Left Swinging In The Darkness
Pairing: Mateo Camargo/Jay James
Rating: NC-17
POV: Mateo
Warnings: Implied-cannibalism, torture, gore, snuff
Notes: This was finished last night, but the net fucked up so I couldn't post till now. This was done mostly for fruityahren and cause I felt rusty with the goreness.

I looked his body up and down, licking my lips at what I saw. He was quite a beautiful specimen, shorter than I was with a rounded belly. His black hair hung to his shoulders, looking oddly shiny even in the darkness. His head lolled to one side, his pretty eyes lidded. Several tattoos adored his lightly tanned skin, concentrated on his large arms. On his back there was a lizard inked into his skin. My eyes shifted down down his body, to his crotch. He had a sizeable cock hanging between his legs, which I bet would look impressive once he was hard. His balls hung behind it, large and full.

I hummed to myself, running a hand over the front of his body. Soon he'd be awake and I'd be having my fun with him. Moments went by, then he opened his eyes, the lids flickering as he adjusted to the dim light. "Ugh..." He groaned softly, tugging on the restraints that held him. His arms were pulled above his head, bound at the wrist with rope coiled with barbed wire and hanging from a meat hook attached to the ceiling. His eyes went wide as he struggled more, his head darting from side to side. "What the fuck?!"

"Hello Jay." I chuckled softly at his feeble words and pathetic attempts to struggle. His head turned to face me, his eyes slightly widening.

"Let me go." He swallowed and looked at me hopefully. "Please?"

I shook my head, smirking to myself. "Not yet." I circled him, just as I'd done while he was knocked out. His body quivered slightly as I moved, him jerking away whenever my hands touched him. "What's wrong pet? Scared?"

I licked my lips lightly, my dick stiffening. "I'm not your fucking pet!"

"Oh yes you are." I smirked, raking my nails down his back. I reached down with one hand, playing with my stiff dick, thoughts of what I had in store filling my mind. I released myself and him, reaching up and gripping two more hooks. I pulled them both down, the chains rattling slightly at the motion. Humming to myself, I let go of the right one, gripping the skin of Jay's back with one hand, pulling it away from him as best I could. Satisfied, I pulled the hook closer and forced it through his flesh, smirking as it pierced through the skin and made him bleed. He also made such a delightful scream, the sound filling up the vast, empty space. Before he could recover, I repeated the action on the other shoulder blade, smirking as he made the same sound once more.

This was how I wanted him hanging, not from the bindings on the wrists. However, I felt the need to do it that way since I'd wanted to hear him scream. "You bastard! You fucking arsehole!" He snarled, but I knew I had nothing to fear from him. Chuckling, I reached up on my tiptoes and shifted his wrist bindings from their hook, his arms dropping unceremoniusly in front of him. He tried to reach for me, but I jumped back away from him, licking my lips as the movements of his wrists only made the barbs cut deeper.

"Now now, you have to behave." I chuckled, watching as his hands dropped in front of him, inadvertantly covering his crotch.

"I... I can give you money, my car... anything." He pleaded, clearly desperate for his freedom.

"I have what I want." I licked my lips, smirking darkly at him. "You." He opened his mouth as if to say something, but I cut him off, licking my lips at the stud that glinted on his tongue. "And not just to rape either." He looked even more fearful, like that was the next thing he'd have offered. I didn't say anymore, walking around him again and considering what to do to him. There were so many choices.

I closed my eyes, images filling my mind. I could wrap him up in razor wire and sit back to watch as every squirm of his body, every intake of breath, made the metal cut deep into his skin. I could carve off each of his pretty limbs one by one, leaving his head till last so he could see it all. I could fuck his ass with a red hot skewer, then thrust it through his body so hard that it came out of his throat.

I shook my thoughts out of my head, deciding to focus on the task at hand. I leaned on close to him, licking some of his coppery blood from the skin of his back. He trembled and tried to move away but that just made him wail in pain more. It always amused me how stupid people became in situations like this. I stepped back after another lick, moving around until I was in front of him, running a bloodied hand down his chest, leaving a crimson smear on his skin.

Part of me wished I had more time with this beautiful creature, to make him scream in agony and beg for mercy as I tortured him for days, but alas, I was unable to do so. So I'd work with the time I was allowed. I had three sole things I simply had to do to him, four if you included fucking his tight looking ass. However, those would wait.

I balled both of my hands into fists, growling softly and slamming my hands into him. He grunted and groaned in pain at each hit, though the first ones also sounded like noises of surprise. I chuckled and kept punching him, his arms moving to protect his chest. I stopped the pummeling of my fists into him, stepping back and shaking both of them lightly.

I stared at Jay, at his skin that was now reddened from my blows and licked my lips once more. He looked better all bruised. My dick was rock hard between my legs from the sight, and I knew I couldn't ignore it for much longer. I moved behind him and spat on my hand, rubbing the saliva along my stiffness. I pulled apart his cheeks, smirking at the sight of his blood there. I aimed my cock for his pucker. He groaned softly when he realised what I was about to do, then I thrust forward into him roughly.

He cried out loudly in pleasure or pain at the intrusion, I wasn't 100% sure. I didn't care either, starting to ram into him hard and fast. The feel of him was of an experienced whore, the fat, little bitch clenching around me. "You feel so good bitch." I growled and continued my movements, the chains jingling every so often. I smiled at the sound, gripping onto his sturdy hips and ramming into him. My fingertips occasionally brushed up against his dick, which was hard and pulsing. Apparently I was hitting his spot or some shit enough to turn him on. I cursed myself under my breath and changed my angle slightly. He let out a whine of displeasure, which made me smirk in satisfaction. I didn't care if this made him feel good. In fact, I'd prefer if it didn't.

"Pl... please..." I smirked, unsure of what he was actually begging for. I wasn't sure he knew either. I didn't care care enough to ask to find out, just kept fucking him harshly. My hips slammed against his cheeks, each contact bringing me closer and closer to the sweet climax.

It happened several minutes after I'd begun, adding spurts of white to the red already present within him. As I pulled out, I noted with great satisfaction that he was still aching hard, his dick sticking straight out from his crotch. His bound hands were unable to twist into a position where he could touch himself. "I bet you want me to do something about that don't you? I bet you're craving relief." He nodded, clearly eager for it. Smirking, I went over to a table and plucked up a knife, smiling at the way it glinted in the faint light. I returned over to him and stood behind him for a moment, admiring his large cock. It strained away from his body, it's girth seemingly heaving in arousal, it's tip shiny. It would shine no more.

All it took was two practised slashes with the knife, and his genitals were seperated from his body, cock and balls dropping to the floor before he even had chance to register what had happened. It took several seconds for the pain to reach his brain, and he screamed so loudly it echoed in the vast empty space. More blood spilled over my hands and I rubbed them over his thighs. "There, relief." I chuckled and bend down, lifting cock and balls up, depositing them into a jar for safekeeping.

"You fucking bastard!" He growled and struggled, though I was starting to find his pleas tiresome.

I grasped his tongue between my fingers, pulling it out as far as I could and slicing through that too. He screamed, but his mouth was now full of blood and the sounds he made were muffled by it. The blood slipped out of his lips, making him look more beautiful. Smiling, I dropped the pierced flesh into the jar alongside his dick and balls. Another quick flick of the knife and the buds of his nipples joined his severed parts within the jar.

I hummed to myself, realising the blood was actually starting to choke him, but I didn't care. He'd be dead soon anyway. I moved behind him and stroked his lower back, reaching up and cutting the skin around his tattoo. The ones on his arms were far too ghastly to keep as momentos when compared to the lizard. I kept humming, pushing the knife under the skin, seperating it from the muscles beneath. He gurgled and went still once I'd seperated the tattoo, and I considered it a slight shame that I didn't have more time to have fun with him, but alas it would have happened sooner or later.

I set the tattoo beside the jar and returned to him, standing in front of him this time. I grasped his hands, straightening out his stiffening fingers and studying them carefully. I settled on his middle ones, removing both from his now useless hands. Both were dropped inside the jar.

I had one final thing I wanted to do, which required a more specialised piece of equipment. I llicked the blood from the knife's blade carefully, setting it down on the table, plucking up the silver item. It had three prongs, roughly an inch long from where they met to the tips. I returned to Jay, studying his face for a few seconds. "Such a pretty face." I whispered softly, digging the prongs in his right eyesocket, turning the end so they grasped his eyeball tightly. It took just a few quick tugs to remove it from his body and I smiled at the hazel orb. "So pretty." Blood oozed out of the newly unoccupied hole and I licked it away.

It was dropped, along with the gouger, into the jar. I replaced the lid on it, twisting it tightly until it was airtight, which would do until I returned home. I packed the jar with my blade and into my rucksack, placing both among his clothing. I removed a large plastic bag and a scabbard from different compartments of the bag, licking my lips in silent satisfaction. The bag was set on the floor and I removed my sword from it's sheath, gazing at it's shiny length. Yes, it was overkill, but sometimes overkill was the best kind. I swung it around a bit, enjoying the sound of it cutting through the air. I advanced on his body, swinging the blade low. It made contact with his body at the crease of his left thigh, severing the limb from his body. I mirrored the action on his other one, smiling at the soft sound they made when they made contact with the hard floor.

I slipped both limbs into the bag, sheathing the sword and dressing. The meat from those limbs would keep me well fed for a good long while. Only when I was fully clothed did I return my attention to the remains of Jay, his body swinging in the dim light, blood still oozing out of the various wounds on his body, though no where near as much as it had when he was alive. Perhaps I'd come back for his arms and legs. I lifted the rucksack over my shoulder, lifting up the bag and leaving the werehouse, glancing back only once more at the swinging body before shutting the door.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, jay james/mateo camargo, madina lake, mateo camargo, slash
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