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The world's not big enough

I'm so bouncy, despite waking up with an achy back of doom.

It's most likely cause Umbrella Academy came today! Thanks glastocharm, you're so awesome! I'll grab you of the issues so far and just... read all of them at some point this week. Which'll most likely lead to some sort of fic. We'll see.

I want the next series now!

Also, Gerard did an awesome interview about it which revealled many things. He's already plotting out as far ahead of series 4, he's considering a Seance spin-off thing (maybe he'll do a Hazel and Cha-Cha one too) and the film's gonna be an adaption of Apocalypse Suite, which I was wondering about. Also he said there's more kids with powers, which may have been a slip up on his part (and it gave me sorta images). And it mentions his other comic projects. Is it really wrong that I'm more excited for them then MCR's next album?

I've just started Star Trek Conquest after sorting my AC stuffs. I'm gonna go on as the Breen.

The fic I was working on last night stalled annoyingly. I only managed two paragraphs really.

Everyone vote in the poll I did yesterday.

Last night we watched Pokemon and had a late night run to Tesco, which was uneventful apart from the dumbasses that I felt were staring at me. Bah.

That's all really. As always, I feel I missed some little detail out, but I dunno what.
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