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Bound to win and bound to lose

Ugh, headachy again and I dunno why. It's not sleep, cause the past few days I've slept early so...

Yesterday I got to the end of my Deep Space 9 boxset... only to find the last disc is fucked so I've gotta take it back. Sigh. Still, least the ones I got off e-bay came and they were in good condition, with the magazines and everything. Now I have my first full TNG series, even though it's jsut through those magazine/dvd things and not a proper boxset. Gotta watch the one with Troi's mum at some point soon.

I finished the first part of the girl!Kirk fic and the rest should be done by Wednesday I think. I'm going onto the Mateo/Jay one as soon as I've got inspiration. I need proper images for it. All the ones I have are unspecific.

I've been sent Cannibal Corpse to listen to, so I'll put one of their songs later on.

We weren't meant to do anything today... but I'm getting the vibe from Mikey that we were. I dunno.

I've got a unicorn plaster on my hand randomly.

Eurovision last night was eh. Least a cutie won. One of the few that were good. How the hell did we end up as 5th? Our entry was shit. Ugh.
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