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Craving This Disaster

Craving This Disaster
Pairing: girl!Kirk/Chekov, girl!Kirk/Sulu
Rating: NC-17
POV: girl!Kirk
Warnings: Het, slight AU, pegging, always a girl!Kirk
Notes: Inspired by all the girl!Kirk requests, although this isn't for a specific one. Chekov's a little older then he is in the film. Since the first part is film based, there's a lot of spoilers within it. Despite trying to get this to just be one part, it kinda became epicly long.

"You poor thing, are you alright?" I glanced over at the man, another Starfleet cadet. After that stupid barfight of theirs, I'd almost had enough of that uniform, but he looked cute, lost almost. His Russian accent was also out of place and he looked so young. I licked my lip lightly, then gave him my very best puppy dog look. It worked even better with the dried blood still on my nose and upper lip.

"I think so... but I could use an escort..." I battered my eyelashes in his direction and he nodded rapidly. Perfect. At least the beating was worth it if I got a fuck out of it.

"Of course, of course." He smiled at me and turned on his heel. " I can take you make to my quarters and clean you up a bit if you'd like."

"Thanks, I really appreciate it." I returned his smile and walked alongside him as he led the way. "What's your name?"

"Pavel Chekov." He replied softly, leading me towards his place. "And yours?"



"You've never fucked a girl before, have you?" I asked him between feverish kisses, my body pressing his against the wall of his room. His hard dick was out of his pants, rubbing against my clothed thigh. He shook his head, but I wasn't surprised. I'd been subtly flirting with him the whole trip here and he just didn't take the hint. Seemed he wasn't used to having the attentions of anyone, let alone a girl. "Don't worry, It's easy." I licked his cheek lightly, reaching down and undoing my own pants. "I'll guide you through it."

I gave him a reassuring smile, pushing my pants down to my ankles along with my underwear with practiced ease. I rubbed his cock against my wetness, then held the base and guided it to my hole. I'd readily admit I was better at the practical side then instruction. Plus, I was far too fucking horny to explain it to him. I thrust my hips forward, impaling myself on his cock. He swore in his native language, which only sent shivers down my body.

I began rolling my hips, completely content to be in control of the situation. I shifted my hands and held onto his sides as he did the same to me. "Mmmm you feel so good." I purred in his ear, trailing my tongue over his neck ever so lightly. He mumbled against me, though I wasn't sure he was saying anything that would make sense to me.

Even though we were screwing, he was still obviously nervous, so I gripped his right wrist and shifted his hand to my breasts. "It's ok to touch me." I whispered softly, feeling him start to thrust into me. His hand squeezed at my full chest and his head tipped back against the wall. He made such pretty little sounds, somewhere between a whimper and a breathy moan.

I shifted my hand back between my legs, rubbing my clit eagerly with my fingertips. I had a feeling this little cutie wouldn't last long, so I figured I should get myself off. I wasn't going to complain or fault the kid, after all his inexperience wasn't his fault. Perhaps getting fucked by me would give him the confidence to get some more action. I smiled at the thought, kissing him eagerly as I felt myself get close.

Before the kiss was broken we'd both came, though I wasn't sure which of us had first. Maybe joining Starfleet wasn't such a bad idea after all. "Thanks Pavel." I purred against him, moving off him. "I'll show myself out yeah?"


"So I guess training to be a starfleet doctor will involve exobiology and all that shit?" I asked the latest guy that had caught my attention who had sat in the unoccupied seat on the shuttle. He practically been forced into it, after complaining about the ship. He was called McCoy, though I wasn't sure if that was his first or last name.

"Yeah I guess I will."

"Awesome." I grinned to myself and made sure to cultivate a relationship with him.


I smiled innocently as my roommate walked in, flicking my eyes back to the datapad in front of me. The screen had various images from McCoy's exobiology files and I pretended to scan them, hoping my roommate wouldn't notice that I was naked from the waist up.

She was rambling about some transmission she'd intercepted from the Klingon Empire,something about a fleet being destroyed by a single Romulan ship, when she suddenly stopped. I bit my lip, watching as she knelt beside my bed, gazing under it. "I should have known! Out!"

The blue skinned male got out from under the bed, glancing at me as his antenna twitched. He held his top clutched to his chest, though it didn't really cover his chest. "Call me." I smiled at the Andorian, his name having completely escaped me. He returned my smile, but was pushed out by Uhura.

"Really Kirk, you're impossible! I can't leave you alone can I?" I shrugged with a smirk, grinning as she shook her head.

"I'm retaking the Kobayshi Maru test tomorrow, wanna come?"

She sighed and rolled her eyes. "I suppose so, though I don't see why you're taking it again, you'll just fail it again."

"Well, we'll see about that."


"That pointy eared bastard!" I growled when I found out I wasn't assigned to a single ship, just because I cheated a little on the simulation. It wasn't a fair one to begin with. There was no way to win with it without cheating. It was insane. McCoy on the other hand, was assigned to the Enterprise and I'd heard Uhura got her assignment changed to it too. "Great, so I'm stuck here while the rest of you go and be heroes."

McCoy sighed softly and grabbed my arm. "Come with me." I followed him as he lead me towards the medical bay, shoving me into a seat. "I shouldn't be doing this, but it's the only way to get you aboard." He muttered softly, pulling out a hypospray and pressing it against my neck. I yelped in surprise at the sharp contact, glaring at him.

"What the hell did you just do?"

"Helping you get on board. You owe me one." He muttered, scanning me with his medical tricorder.

"Ok, as soon as the mission's over we can do whatever the fuck you want." I closed my eyes, suddenly feeling flushed. I suddenly felt several degrees hot and felt sweat seem to pour out of me. "Seriously, what did you just give me?"

"A vaccine." He replied simple and led me towards the shuttles. "Regulation states I can take a patient with me and this will make it look like you're ill."

"Wonderful." I muttered softly, though deep down I was incredibly grateful. Despite wishing he'd picked something that didn't make me feel like I was roasting in a warp drive.


"You saved my life." Sulu whispered softly after we watched Spock transport to the surface.

"You saved mine." I smiled at him as I stood up fully. "How about, when this is over, we meet up and thank each over properly?" I made a suggestive movement with my hips, though kept it brief so the others couldn't see.

He nodded so hard I though his head might have fallen off. "Great, and then you'll have to teach me how to use your nifty little sword-thing."

"Of course." He smiled and tugged me off the transporter pad. The glimmer in his eye and the tent in his pants told me he wiished we would be able to do it much sooner.


"Stardate 2558.42... whatever. Acting Captain Spock has stranded me on Delta Vega, in what I believe is a violation of Security Protocol 29.09 governing the treatment of prisoners onboard a starship." I took a deep breath, shivering slightly at the cold. "I'm freezing my ass off here. And I hate Vulcans. There's a Starfleet station near here and I'm going to try and get to it. Hopefully I won't become an icicle beforehand."


I glanced at Spock, after he'd finished the predictable questions about how we'd gotten aboard. After telling Scotty not to say anything, I look right at Spock, knowing I needed to get that emotional response out of him now. I'd considered how to during the whole journey to the bridge and knew it meant I'd have to be a total cunt. I just hoped he could forgive me later. "Does it frustrate you not to know that Spock? You told me a good Captain needed to be able to experience fear, but you can't. Did you see that ship? Did you see what it did? Are you afraid or aren't you?"

"Do not lecture me..."

"You can't feel anything can you? Not anger, heartbreak, happiness. What's it like not to feel those things?" I swallowed, knowing what I was about to say would probably do it. "You just lost your homeworld and your mother, yet you don't seem too bothered about it. I think I know why Spock, do you want to know? I don't think you loved your mother, I don't think you even cared about..."

He reacted alright. He lunged at me, starting to throw punches at me left and right. I barely managed to duck and dodge his blows, returning them whenever I could. However, I'd underestimated him severely and he had me over a console in seconds. While normally I wouldn't mind such a position, now I was terrified. His hand was wrapped around my throat, his fingers squeezing to choke me. I struggled, gasping for air and reaching to try and move his hand away from me. Despite the fact that he was trying to kill me, I couldn't help but feel just a little aroused by it. Probably more than a little.

Just before I would have passed out I heard someone call out. "Spock! Stop!" He held me tight for a few seconds more, then released released me, taking a few steps back. I took deep breaths, closing my eyes as I regained my composure. By the time I'd opened them he was gone.

"I like this ship! You know, it's exciting!" I glanced sidelong at Scotty and made sure to tell him to change out of his wet clothing. Despite the look being vaguely sexy. I settled down in the captain's chair, satisfied that my mission was accmplished. Now to get after that ship.


I walked over to Spock, who seemed to just be... staring out of the nearest window. "Hey." I said softly as I stood beside him and he glanced at me, though only slightly before returning his gaze outside again. I swallowed slightly, placing my hand on his back gently. When he didn't move away from my touch, I decided to continue with what I was going to say. "Listen, I'm sorry about your homeworld. I can't even imagine what that's like for you." I swallowed again, trying to guage any response he may have been thinking of. "I do know what it's like to lose a parent though, so if you want to talk about it, I will listen."

There was a pause and then he looked down at me. "Thank you. That is appreciated."

I smiled and stroked his back, noting how he tensed a little from the touch, but I didn't stop. "It's alright. I also forgive you for shoving me out on that escape pod. I shouldn't have been so annoying and I'm sorry for that." His lip twitched slightly.

"Without you, Earth would have been destroyed. I should not have done that." He paused again. "A more logical choice of action would have been to have thrown you in the brig."

"Yeah, but then I wouldn't have frozen my ass off and got to annoy you more." I smiled and moved my arm from his back, stretching both above my head. "Anyway, I'm going to head off now. Me and Sulu are having a... celebration over our victory." He raised an eyebrow at that and I battered my eyelashes at him. "Perhaps you'd like to join us?"

He shook his head, though I'd not expected him to say yes anyway. "Thank you for the offer but I shall decline."

"Ok. Well, you know where we are if you change your mind." I gave him a quick, gentle hug, then left him to his thoughts.


I lay on the unoccupied bed in Sulu's quarters, moving the dildo in and out of myself as I watched him. The bed I was laying on belonged to his roommate, an engineering cadet who had thankful been assigned to the Enterprise with us. He was out celebrating. Sulu was groaning, though I was unsure if it was from the sight of me or due to his two lubed fingers inside himself. There was something incredibly sexy about watching a guy do that. It made me wish I'd set up something to record him to view later. Ah well. I kept moving the toy inside me, sliding it out slowly only when his fingers slipped out all the way. "I'm ready."

"Sure you want this?" I asked him, even as I fastened the straps attached to the dildo around my waist.

"Yeah." He replied, climbing off the bed and getting all fours on the floor. A wise decision, since I'd had trouble doing this on a bed. I shifted off the bed, palming the slickness of the toy between my legs absently. Once I stood between his knees I grasped the base of the shaft with one hand, using my left to prise his cheeks apart. I licked my lips, guiding the toy towards his opening. I heard him take a deep intake of breath when the tip pressed against him. I took his annoyed grunt a few seconds later as a sign to move. As such, I thrust my hips forward, burying the first few inches of the toy within him. He moaned softly at the intrusion, his body arching slightly. I ran my fingers over his back, starting to move until I was fully within him.

"Oh... that feels so good Kirk..." He groaned and I could see that his ass obviously twitching around the dildo. It was obscenely hot to me, which caused me to start thrusting my hips. I dug the tips of my blunt nails into his skin, scratching down his back. I licked my lips lightly, then pulled out of him until just the tip remained. I waited for a few seconds, then slammed back within him. "Shit! Harder, please."

I nodded, despite knowing he couldn't see the action. I began to pound him fairly hard, a thought crossing the back of my mind as I did so. Perhaps he'd prefer a real cock inside him then the toy attached to me. I'd have to ask him about that later and I made a mental note to do so. He made such pretty sounds as I increased my pace, trying to change the toy's angle so it would hit his spot. I couldn't do it very well, but I assumed I'd managed it when his back arched and he mumbled incoherently.

I flicked my tongue out across my lips, the base of the dildo rubbing against my clit with each thrust. "You look so hot." I smiled, shifting my hands until they stroking his sides. He responded with a low moan, pressing his forehead against the floor and reaching between his legs to stroke himself. The sight made me release a low groan and I began thrusting even harder than before. I leaned forward slightly, spitting onto his back, the clear fluid sliding down his perfectly tanned back. I did it again, gripping onto his hips as second load of saliva rolled down his skin.

I bent to press my chest against him, craving the contact. My breasts pressed against his back, making me feel even wetter. The man beneath me made small groans, his ass pushing back against me and his hand seeming to move in a blur of motion. "Cum for me." I purred softly in his ear, kissing along his neck lightly until I reached his collarbone. Once there I nipped at the skin, hard enough to leave a mark that would serve as a reminder to him. "Cum for me Hikaru."

His body jerked beneath me, arching ever so slightly as he released over the floor. It looked quite beautiful, which like this whole experience had been. I'd have to try it again.

"You were wonder... ful..." He panted out as I removed myself from him, planting a final kiss on the back of his neck. He turned around, glancing back at me while I returned to my position on the bed. "Do you still need to..."

"Yeah." I smiled as I undid the straps from around my waist as quickly as I was able to, shifting them out of the way until I could sink two fingers into myself. "How about you lick up that mess you made, then come help me out huh?"

Almost instantly he moved, shifting to lick the puddle of fluid from the floor. I curved my fingers at the sight, keeping my gaze firmly on him even as my eyelids threatened to flutter closed. It didn't take him long to cleanse the floor with his tongue. He stood up and wiped his lower lip with the back on his hand. His softening dick swayed as he crossed the small distance between us, clambering onto the bed between my legs as I spread them apart. His hands removed the strap-on from my crotch, throwing it towards his own bed, though he threw a little too hard, the toy bouncing off the bed and landing on the opposite side of it.

I watched him as he moved closer to my crotch, his body glistening with a sheen of sweat. His breath was coming in soft pants and I wasn't expecting too much because of it, but I was grateful for whatever he could manage where. He leaned in close to me and swiped his tongue over my crotch, just below where my fingers were moving in and out of me. I let my eyelids close, my head falling back against the pillow. I moaned softly, prising my fingers apart slightly to grant him access if he wanted it.

He wiggled just the tip of his tongue inside me, planting both hand on his thighs. His fingers moved in small circles against my skin, making me purr softly. The tips of his fingers rubbed against my clit, making me whimper and squirm upon the sheets. "Right there! Oh..." I rolled my hips upward, my fingers curving deeper inside me until... "Fuck!" My orgasm surged through my body, making my toes curl as I released onto the tip of his tongue.

I felt him shift from his position, flopping on the bed beside me. There wasn't much room for him, so I scooted over just a little to give him more space. "Thanks for that." He whispered as I turned my head to look at him. I shifted a few strands of hair from my eyes so I could see him better, which made him smile. "I wasn't sure if you'd want to do... that."

"Of course. I'm pretty much up for anything." I allowed him to cuddle up against my side when he yawned slightly. Moments later, he was asleep, with a contented look on his face.
Tags: chekov, chekov/girl!kirk, fic, girl!kirk, girl!kirk/sulu, het, star trek, sulu
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