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Something about laughter

So last night we went to this comedy thing at Sevenoaks. There were 5 people (instead of 4 causa a booking thing).

The first one was a chav-like dude, who was funny. The next was an American who wasn't as funny but he still was. The third one was fucking terrible. He was so awful I almost fell asleep from the tiredness I had.

Then there was the reason we went Russel Howard. He was so pretty and funny, though had to deal with these ridiculous fucking fangirls.

The last one was so awesome. He was called Terry Alderton. He was very amusing and could do sounds with his voice (like that one dude from Police Academy).

After that I crashed after a few Pokemon episodes.

Today's been nothing too exciting at all.

The other day I watched the little squirrel eat the nuts and be all cutes.

I'm just getting back into writing and I'll try and get the bulk done tomorrow (and go through the film to find the bits I need). Then it's the Mateo fic. I need to brainstorm for that properly beforehand.

I've still gotta sort out an icon or two later. Maybe. I wish I had more. Stupid LJ.

This weekend I'm gonna take a few pictures, so if anyone wants anything in particular...

Well, that's about it. As always I'm sure I've missed some shit but... oh well.
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