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Everybody loves a twinkie

Mikey's Umbrella Academy figures came today. They look so fucking sweet, I can't wait to get mine (maybe witht he next lotta money). I hope there's a second series of them in the future.

Possible figs:
*Seance (with new hair/beaten/shot/levitating)
*The Horror
*Vietnam Kraken
*Vietnam Spaceboy
Vanya (pre-white violin)
*The Rumor (Dallas)
*05 (old)
*Temps guy

Fic update. The first part has girl!Kirk with Chekov and Sulu, second part has McCoy Scotty/Sulu and Spock.

After that there'll be a Mateo/Jay necro fic.

We went up to Sevenoaks today, it's been productive. I got The X-Files single cd from a charity shop, a massive book on oceans from Tesco (for £2), a half-price Hath and 4 Trek figures in the BOGOF at Tesco (McCoy, Kirk, Sulu and Nero). Mikeysaur also got a 6" Spock figure from Lorimers and cause it was in a BOGOF too I got McCoy (they only had the one Spock).

We're back now for an hour. Then we're going back to see Russel Howard (and other dudes we don't know). Yay!

I'm sure I had more to say but I cannae think of anything.
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