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You think that'll work?

Continuity errors in Pokemon are amusing. Jesse mentioned she had a Lickitung a full 3 episodes before she caught it. Ha!

The card arrived today, so at least mum actually sent it. I was worried it wasn't gonna get here in time.

We're back from a trip to Tesco and I'm about to eat. Mikey's gonna try and make iced tea later.

The Blackout in Kerrang are prettyness.

I'm still working on that fic. It's gonna be split in two parts, the first involving events based during the film, the second after it. I'm doing in in segments as opposed to just doing it from start to finish like normal. It's mostly cause I need to rewatch at least bits of the film for certain details but it's also cause certain parts come into my head at certain times. Anyway, back to it soon.

I wish I coulda got UA today, but I should get it next week. I wanna know what happpppens.

I tried the Bullet shorts the other day and they didn't fit me. They're too big sadly, but they can be altered down.

How is all?
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