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Small Package

Small Package
Pairing: Mikey Way/Ray Toro
Rating: NC-17
POV: Mikey
Notes: For anon_lovefest so it's short. Prompt was Mikey with a little dick.

Next to Ray I always felt insignificant. After all, he was so much bigger then me in every way. His eyes drifted over my skinny body, stopping at my crotch. "Frankie was right... you are small." He said, almost in wonderment. I felt my cheeks flush, digging my fingers into the blanket to stop the reflex to cover myself up. I knew I was small, ever since gym class in high school. Every other dude seemed at least twice the size of me. At first I thought I was just a late bloomer, which is what my older brother had assured me at the time. However, that wasn't the case. I never got any bigger then I was back then. Even when hard I was barely two inches, which I couldn't stand.

Ray seemed to like it though his fingers stroking my creamy thighs, his eyes glued firmly to my half-hard dick. I didn't say anything to him, to ashamed to comment or even look at him. That was why I was so caught off guard when he bent down and swallowed my dick whole. I groaned softly, bucking my sharp hips up at the unexpected feeling. He didn't bother to hold them down, contentedly trailing his tongue over me while I fully hardened.

I turned my attention to him, moaning as he manipulated my balls so they were closer to my dick. His thick lips opened wider, taking my soft sac into my mouth too. "Holy fuck!" I shifted my hands to tangle my fingers into his his hair, holding him in place as his tongue started to work it's magic on the wrinkled skin of my balls. I groaned loudly, rocking my hips up high. No one had ever given me head before. In fact, before today, I'd only ever experienced sexual activities with two people.

I felt myself get close already, and I cursed myself for it under my breath. I held him tighter, rocking my hips against his face until my body tensed up. I felt myself cum down his throat and watched through dazed eyes as he swallows and shifted off me, licking my thighs little until I recovered.

"You have a nice tasting dick Mikey Way." His lips curved into a sly smirk as he moved on the bed. "Want to taste mine?" I swallowed at the sight of his stiff cock, which had to be at least three times the size of mine, probably more. Despite being certain I'd choke, I moved down towards it. I knew Frankie's and my brother's hadn't been enough practice to prepare for this, but figured I owed him one.
Tags: fic, mikey way, mikey way/ray toro, my chemical romance, ray toro, slash
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