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Pairing: Gerard Way/Ray Toro
Rating: NC-17
POV: Gerard
Warnings: Spanking
Notes: The mem fic for bloodyhands. I hope this cheers you up Claire< 3

The hotel room was darkened, illuminated only by the sole lamp on the bedside table. On the bed, Ray was already waiting for me. Unlike me, he wasn't naked, instead wearing a pair of tattered jeans and nothing else. My eyes roamed over his bare chest, beads of sweat forming on the smooth skin. I licked my lips and headed towards him, swaying my hips as I did so.

"You've been a very bad boy Gerard." He spoke in his soft voice, though the the tone was subtly commanding.

"Yes sir." I replied to him, hoping not to be quizzed as to why. I was always fucking useless at coming up with a response.

"You know what that means don't you?" I nodded wordlessly as he gestured to his lap. I climbed upon the bed, laying over his legs so my ass was pointed into the air. "Remember to count this time." Again, I nodded and braced myself for the first strike.

I let out a soft yelp as his palm made contact with my skin. "One..." Almost immediately he repeated the action on my right ass cheek, sending the stinging pain through my prone body. "Two..." The next few strikes were in a flurry against my body, so I hardly had chance to get out the words between blows. Thankfully he stopped long enough for me to get them out after the sixth one. "Three, four, five, six."

"Good boy, you know how to count." He chuckled softly above me, his hardness pressing against my belly through his pants. His fingertips stroked my sore flesh, making me squirm slightly against him. Hetook a deep breath. "Let's see if you can get to twenty."

I took a deep breath of my own, then another series of slaps hit my ass, alternating between my cheeks and coming so fast and hard I didn't get a chance to get even a single number out. He paused briefly, just long enough for.me to get my breath back and let out the words of the numbers. "Seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve..." Satisfied with my words, he resumed his strikes, only this time they were slow. "Thirteen." Another followed after it, to the same cheek as the last one. "Fourteen." Now he switched, his palm smacking against my right, hitting the soreness the earlier blows had created just right. "Fifteen, sixteen."

Then he stopped, though I wasn't sure why. When I turned my head back to look at him, he just gripped my long, ebony locks and forced me to look back forward. The next hit made me release a loud yelp again at the unexpected feeling of his belt slapping against both of my cheeks. He paused after it, waiting for me to state the number. I swallowed, my body shaking before I could form a reply. "Seventeen." Ray chuckled behind me, then run his large fingers across the welt the belt had made. The gentle touch only lasted a few seconds, before it hit me again, making me howl out the next number. "Eighteen!"

My own cock was stiff against his thigh, the tip leaking against his jeans. I let out another loud moan, which sounded almost like a screech to my ears as he once more repeated the action, though this time twice in quick sucession. "Nineteen! Twenty!"

I heard him drop the belt upon the bed, then felt his strong hands roam over my ass, stroking the reddened cheeks gently. "I think you've learned your lesson." He whispered softly, illicting a whimper from my lips. He parted my cheeks with one hand, running the middle finger of his other along my cleft. My body twitched slightly against him, my eyelids fluttering closed as he entered me with it. His finger curled up inside me as it filled me, searching for my spot deep inside me. He pressed his fingertip against my walls, stopping when I whimpered loudly, my body tensing in pleasure. He rubbed the pad around in slow circles against it, causing my whole body to quiver and my hips to rut against him.

He couldn't have been doing it more then two minutes before I came over his jeans. I panted heavily as he removed his finger, whimpering it on my left cheek as he removed his hands away. "Clean me." I whispered as soon as I recovered. I shifted back, licking the wet patched of white fluid from his jeans, noting with a smile that some of them were from within it. Once I'd accomplished this task, he rolled me off his lap and onto the bed, which made me pout slightly. "Have you learned your lesson?"

I nodded, with a contented smile.

"Good." He shifted to lay beside me on the sheets. "Now get some rest, we have a busy day tomorrow." And with that he fell silent, drifting off into a peaceful slumber a few minutes later. For me, however, it took a little longer, if only to find a comfortable position were the sheets weren't making my ass feel sorer.
Tags: fic, gerard way, gerard way/ray toro, meme fic, my chemical romance, ray toro, slash
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