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Human Nature

Human Nature
Pairing: Kirk/Sulu, Spock
Rating: NC-17
POV: Spock
Warnings: Voyeurism
Notes: I wasn't going to do anything this soon after seeing it (though I had considered something) but this idea just came to me and I had to run with it. I hope it's alright, as it was done during sleeplessness. It's set after the film and there's no spoilers in it at all. Not a single one.

I walked through the ship, heading towards the turbolift to take me to my quarters. I'd spent the last hour alone, just watching the stars go by from a view port in one of the quieter parts of the ship. I found it quite relaxing down here, so I spent a considerable portion of my free time down here.

I paused mid-step, hearing a sound. It was soft and muffled by a door or bulkhead, but it was definitely there. I considered investigating it for a few more moments before hearing the sound again. I decided to do so when I considered it may be an injured crewmen or something of that nature. I turned and headed down the corridor towards the source if the sound, stopping in front of one of the doors when I heard the sound again. I keyed in my access code and stepped from the illuminated corridor into the darkened room.

The doors shut behind me as soon as I was inside and I glanced around the space. It was one of the Enterprise's maintenance and storage rooms, with various shelves littered with tools filling the room. Perhaps whoever was inside had something fall upon them, though I saw no signs of that. I heard the sound again, though this time it was much clearer and much more insistent.

I walked towards it and glanced between the shelves, stopping dead in my tracks at the sight before me. I was wrong, there wasn't someone in need my assistance at all. Through the small gap between tools I saw two bodies, both of which were naked as far as I could tell. In the dim light I could see that they were both covered in sweat, the one nearest me moving against the other.

"Fascinating." I whispered to myself under my breath, so softly that neither of them noticed. I'd apparently stumbled on some human mating ritual. Curious. I'd always heard that humans preferred to conduct such activities in the comfort of their own beds, as opposed to such a cramped space. I was sure this violated some form of regulation, but I couldn't seem to focus my mind on which one it was.

I continued to watch them, only able to glance at the two uniforms that lay on the floor beside them. Both were gold, which narrowed it down slightly. It also meant that the two of them probably should have known better then to do this in the first place. I returned my attention to the two of them, trying to gain some form of hint to their identities. The one closest to me had brown hair, which was fairly short. He had several bruises on his body, which indicated that he'd gotten into a great deal of fights or happened to just be at the wrong place and the wrong time a great many times. His skin wasn't overly pale and the cheeks of his ass moved back harshly every few moments.

"Harder..." I heard the other one moan, his arms wrapped around the other and his nails digging into his back. The voice was familiar to my ears, though I couldn't quite place it, no surprise as I wasn't familiar with all of the crew yet. However, it was curious that it was a male voice. This made me all the more curious, as I was aware that several humans preferred the company of their own gender, though I had no idea how such a union actually worked. The skin of that man's arms was slightly different, though note overly so. Perhaps he was a member of the crew of some ethnic origin of some sort. His legs soon joined his arms, wrapping around the male's waist.

The male closest to me acknowledged the others word, speeding up the movement of himself. I shifted a little to the right, in an attempt to get a better view. At the same time, I endeavored to make as little noise as possible. While I was unsure how humans mated, I was quite sure that they wouldn't appreciate being watched.

From my new location I got a slightly better view, though the dim lighting didn't exactly help matters. I could make out the other male though. He was up against the wall, his head tipped back against the metal. His hair was jet black and his eyes were lidded, though I still couldn't make out his features. The other was kissing the curve of his neck on the opposite side of him, so I couldn't make him out any better.

I let my eyes skim down their joined bodies, searching for exactly what they were dong. The male against the wall had a hardness protruding between his legs, which was sandwiched between the two bodies. The other's was between the cheeks of his ass, though the view was slightly obscured by a thigh. "Curious." I whispered softly, raising my eyebrow at the sight.

I shifted slightly in my spot, feeling a slightly discomfort between my legs. Apparently my human side was finding this more then just a curiosity. I was actually finding what I was seeing arousing. I decided to do nothing about it as the sounds they made became louder still, movements becoming faster and move fluid. The man against the wall arched suddenly, his body forming a curve as he let out a groan, the stiffness between his legs releasing a white fluid over them both. Among the mostly incoherent sounds I could make out just one word, most likely the only thing that passed his lips that was one. "Captain..."

My eyebrow raised again as I realised that the standing man actually was the captain. From what I could make out from his profile and his height, he certainly appeared similar to him. Thusly, it was only logical to reason that it was Kirk. As such, it was also logical to assume that the other was Sulu. They had been spending an inordinant amount of time together as far as I had seen. Perhaps this was why.

Kirk did the same motion, growling out something that sounded like a word. "Fuck..." I'd have to look that up in the computer's linguistics database. I assumed that he had orgasmed in the same way that Sulu had a few moments before, his hands slipping down from the wall either side of the younger man, just as Sulu's legs seperated from him. I chose this time to leave, noting how they were panting so heavily that I doubted they'd notice the sound of the door opening and closing. I quickly left the room, directing myself towards the turbolift, eager to get down to my quarters and find some way to relieve this arousal.

Perhaps I'd also look up that regulation, though I had a feeling he'd ignore it if I bought it up with him. As the turbolift doors slid shut, I couldn't help but replay the events I'd just witnessed in my head, hoping that it would soon leave me instead of tormenting me for days.
Tags: fic, kirk, kirk/sulu, slash, spock, star trek, sulu
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