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An endangered species

So today we went to see Star Trek. I didn't get to sleep till after 9, then got woke up at 2 (instead of 1 cause Mikey forgot). The free comic book day Clone Wars comic turned up (yay, I'll read laters!), as did Deep Space 9 season 3 (I'm so watching Fascination later cause Ambassador Troi=awesome). Also was a letter from mum with the card that came. It was sent weeks ago and she didn't bother to tell me. Sigh. So the other one should get there soon and I hope to have it by Monday.

I ended up calling her, which didn't go exactly well. She doesn't mind me staying till after the gig... but wants me back for June 14th. Aka, Download. Sigh. I didn't tell her about it, cause I didn't have the time or anything but... ugh.

We went to Bluewater after that. We had a look round after getting the tickets. The Virgin there has been replaced by a shop called Head (I dunno if they'll replace others). It had loadsa cheap stuff in though. I got the Dear Superstar albuim that I've been looking for for ages (Jay does screaming on one song and I wanna hear the others. Plus they're at Downlaod, so that's an extra reason. After Trek, I went back there and gota pair of Bullet shorts which I'll wear tomorrow or something. Also I got a little Wall-E figure from the Disney shop for half price. I almost got a little lego set and almost got a figure but decided against both.

After we had some stuff from Mcdonalds. I love the little round cheesey things. They're yummers. Mikey got a box of oddly icky jelly beans.

We got a little sushi thing to take into the film and then went in. All the trailers were good, though Night At The Museum 2 wins for having Darth Vader in it.

A short thing about the film before I ramble about it (behind the cut). It's awesome! The best film I've seen this year (though I've only seen Watchmen which was awesome too). Everyone should I go see it. Mikey didn't have much Trek knowledge and loved it, so you all can too.

Now, onto the main ramble.

It was awesome!

Ok, seriously now, it was. Zach was wonderful as Spock (fuck he was so hot). As was everyone else. I could totally see some of the original series characters in them all.

I can see the slash being written now. There was so much.

Kirk seems to love being choked (after all it happened three times). Scotty was cute as was his ickle friend. Sulu and his sword fighting skills are kick ass (and the following transporter incident was hot... I demand a cap).

Spock's little ship made me think of a bongo (and the interior's made me think of Kamino).

Chekov was so adorable too. I wanted to squish his little face. I loved Mcoy constantly jabbing Kirk. That was funny.

There were only a few bad/confusing points:
*The whole Spock/Uhura thing=totally unecessary
*When just a drop of red matter can create a black hole, why have so much of it?
*Why would an ambassador be in charge of such a project anyway?
*Does that mean all appearences of Vulcan in the other series' has been that colony world?
*In the future, surely Romulus would have had some fore warning to evacuate before the supernova happened
*Does that all mean that any follow-up films are in an alternate reality to everything else?

Anyway, I loved it and really hope there's a sequel. I'm sure I had more to ramble about but... fweee.
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