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Male Gay Wenches

Male Gay Wenches
Pairing: Dan Torelli/Matthew Leone/Nathan Leone
Rating: NC-17
POV: Dan
Warnings: Crossdressing, bondage
Notes: Pirate!AU. As it's set in the past, the twins don't have bleached blonde hair but their natural brown. The title's from the second D and D MCR video. I've kinda left it open for a sequel though I dunno if there will be. Meme fic for loud_an_clear

I walked across the deck of my small boat, smiling to myself as I inhaled the scent of the ocean. Out here, among the waves, is where I truly felt alive. Sure, I'd go to shore for essentials and for general plundering, but I preferred being out at sea. I looked out across the crystal blue waters, smiling at how there was nothing in any direction until the horizon. It was such a perfect, beautiful day, with only the faintest hint of a breeze in the air. I was fairly content for the ship to go at such a slow pace for awhile, so I headed across the deck towards the ships innards, inclining my head at Mateo as I stepped inside.

I walked downstairs, heading deeper into the small vessel that I called my own. I passed most of the few memebers of my crew along the way, giving each of them a smile and a few words of encouragement. After several minutes I arrived at the small room and the stern of the vessel. Within it were three people, though only one was a member of my crew. The other two were shackled on the floor. "Sir." My crewman said as he acknowledged my prescence, smiling as he stood up. He was our sweet little pet, with long hair past his shoulders. He wore a black bandana on his hair atop his dark locks, with the only other thing he wore being a loose pair of pants. He was the only person on the ship I trusted with our prisoners, for the sole reason that he was a eunuch. That way, he wouldn't molest them.

My prisoners were two male wenches, both quite beautiful. They were both twins as well, which made them all the more precious. Both were quite slender, like Matt, though the younger of the pair had a little more weight. The older one had a mole on his cheek, which was the most notable difference between them. Both of them had short dark hair, in a similar choppy cut to Mateo's. I licked my lips at the sight of them in their low-cut dresses. The younger, Nathan, wore a purple dress, while his twin Matthew wore a black one. Their blue eyes looked at me fearfully and they shrunk back as I stepped closer. "Hello my pretties." I whispered at them, licking my lips. "I'm Captain Torelli."

"What are you going to do to us?" Matthew asked softly, looking at me. Matt had been the only person they were with since we'd set sail three days ago. I was sure Matt had given them some sort of details while he made sure they weren't raped and that they were fed.

"Keep you as my wenches of course." I chuckled softly, flicking my tongue over my lips. "Your role on the ship will be the same as Matt's only you won't be made eunuchs. Well, not just yet anyway." I grinned at that, running a hand through his hair. He whimpered, though I saw the crotch area of the dress twitch which made me smirk. Obviously it appealed to him, even if he wouldn't readily admit it. "I see that being the whore of a boatload of dirty, horny pirates turns you on." His cheeks flushed, but he said nothing in response. "That's good, it means you'll come to like it here."

Nathan growled and flipped me off, so I slapped him around the face, the sound filling the room. "If you don't co-operate we'l just leave you on the nearest island, never to be seen again." He trembled and visible gulped, his own crotch bulging too. Maybe he was secretly turned on too, or maybe it was some sort of twin thing. Whichever it was, it made me hard. I looked down at them, palming my dick through my clothing. "Do you think you can both behave?"

Both nodded, though Nathan's movements were clearly more reluctant. Smiling, I pushed my pants down, freeing my hard cock for the pretty twins. I knew they both were aware how to please a man, since they were both male whores. I'd seen them working the streets before taking them. After all, little Matt was sometimes not enough for us. Matthew's mouth started to water at the sight, his bright eyes fixed on my shaft and sparkling with lust. I curled my finger slightly, beckoning him to come closer. He shifted on the wooden floor, then crawled closer towards me. He flicked out his tongue, the tip swiping over my head. "Mmm good..." I purred as his lips parted more, his soft mouth taking in more of my dick. His brother slowly edged closer, his face slightly red from where I'd slapped him. I reached down with my right hand and stroked his dark locks to reassure him. "If you be a good boy too I won't have to hurt you again." Even though I said that, I knew they'd both get hurt over their time here. My fellow shipmates could get quite rough, especially Mateo, as the various bruises on Matt's body attested.

Nathan seemed reassured enough as he came closer and licked along my thigh, looking up at me to make sure he was doing it right. "Go to my ass." I whispered to him and his eyes widened just a little before he crawled around me, the shackles slowing him down. Once he was in place, he lifted his hands up to pull apart my cheeks. I felt him lean in close to me, his breath hot against my hairy cleft. He swiped his tongue over my crack, then I felt the soft wet muscle probe at my opening. I purred as it wiggled against my pucker, closing my eyes as it slipped into me. Matthew kept up his movements on my dick, bobbing his head up and down while hollowing his cheeks. I held onto his hair, groaning low in my throat as his pace increased. "So good... shit..." His hands cupped my balls gently, his fingers stroking the wrinkled skin of my large sac. I allowed my eyes to shut, just concentrating on the sensations their tongues gave me. Matthew increased his suction, making my hips buck against his sweet face.

I reopened my eyes as I felt a familiar tightening in my stomach. I pulled back slightly, groaning loudly as I did so. "Get beside each other." Nathan nodded and gave my ass one last, long lick before moving until he was beside his twin. I gripped both of their heads, holding them together as I pulled out of Matthew's sweet mouth. I released Nathan's head, reaching between them and stroking my stiff, saliva-slick dick. After a mere handful of strokes I came over their faces in thick bursts, moaning softly.

I watched in a daze as they licked the white fluid off each other, which only made me more glad I'd gotten them for my men. They were so perfect. I pulled my pants up and fumbled in my pocket for the key to the shackles, handing in to Matthew as I panted softly. "I'll be back in an hour to fuck you. In the meantime, stretch those pretty legs of yours." I grinned at them both as I watched Matthew start to undo the shackles, then left them to it. I needed sometime to recover before I had my way with them. Only after I had done so would I let the rest of my crew have a go with them. Then they would hardly get a chance to be walking upright.
Tags: dan torelli, dan torelli/matthew leone/nathan leone, fic, madina lake, matt tuck, matthew leone, meme fic, nathan leone, slash
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