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Thoughts of today

I woke up at 4 again. That seems to be a good time to wake up after sleeping at 6.

Late night tv is so bad/boring that it's annoying as hell. Cept for that ninja thing that was on.

Tomorrow's Star Trek. Yay! I can't wait cause it'll be awesome.

I started work on a pirate fic last night, which should be done in a few hours.

Random thoughts:
*What's the deal with the symbols on Madina all of a sudden? Each one seems slightly different so... anyone know what it means?
*Oli Sykes likes cock, enough to even get a tattoo of one on him. That's so amusing it's unreal. Damn it making me wanna do Oli porn.
*I still wanna do something with Ian in a diaper, which'll be done soon.
*I have a small fic to do list on the comp which I'll get through. I still have that long list on the notepad to do.
*MSN seems to be behaving today, hooray!
*Yay for Virgin 1 coming to freeview all day! I hope that meas the signal strength will be boosted too so I can get it at home.
*HMV is stupid
*I had a vague dream that had Merlin in a dress. Oddness.
*Yay for Tesco having Almost Perfect. I want, if only to read Ianto's reaction about having boobs.
*It's also the Leone twins birthday today. Yay!

Meme time.

The Personal Canon Meme

Name a fandom(that I am actually involved in) and I'll tell you five random facts from my personal canon.
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