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The Back Of My Mouth

The Back Of My Mouth
Pairing: James 'Bob' Davies/Sean Smith
Rating: NC-17
POV: Sean
Warnings: Vomit, toys.
Notes: The next meme fic, this time for Mikey.

"What you doing?" I asked, poking my head over Bob's shoulder to see exactly what he was looking at. Almost instantly, he closed whatever window he was looking at. I pouted, trying to reach around him to try and grab the mouse and bring it up again. We were the only two people left on the bus today, so I didn't have much else to do. The others had all gone to do... whatever the fuck they had planned before I woke up, so now I couldn't go out for risk of being molested by fans. Bob had been the one to stay with me, because I apparently couldn't be trusted on my own.

"Fuck off Sean." He growled, though his cheeks were flushed and slightly red from embaressment.

"Why? You looking at porn?" I grinned as he batted my hands away, annoyance clear on his face. Sighing, he pushed the laptop away from me, turning to face me. I ignored him, squinting to try and see if he'd just minimised the window instead. Sure enough he had, though I couldn't make anything out. "It is porn isn't it?" His cheeks flushed even more and I pushed his hands away, licking my lips and opening it up. The frozen window displayed an image of guys, naked and fucking. The one on all fours in the middle was being spit-roasted, his skin flushed and shiny with sweat, his blonde hair jutting out at random angles. I couldn't help but grin at him as he blushed more. "You're watching gay porn!"

After awhile, he spoke up, cheeks bright red. "So? You guys watch it all the time."

"I don't watch porn, I do porn." I licked my lips, running a hand down his body to his hard dick, which was imprisoned in his jeans. I groped his bulge, smirking as he moaned softly, squirming on his seat. "Want it Bob?" He made some incoherent noise and nodded, so I grasped his fly and pulled it down before moving back. "Strip then." I watched him remove his clothing, pushing down the only thing I had on, a pair of black boxers. I looked Bob over. I'd seen the guitarist naked before, even seen him hard before, but I still felt the need to gaze over his body. My eyes lingered on his stiff dick, the thick shaft twitching slightly as I watched it. "Tell me what you want Bob?" I asked, leisurely stroking my semi-hard dick to full erection.

"I want..." He looked at the screen, as if deciding which of the three guys positions he wanted to be in most. "To be the middle one."

I nodded and darted into the back, getting out a small cock gag. In leiu of another person, it'd have to do. When I returned to his side, I stuffed the shaft into his mouth, buckling it behind his bald head. "Get on the floor and hold your arse open." Nodding, he kneeled on the floor, pushing his ass back and pressing his forehead on the floor. He reached behind himself, holding each cheek and pulling them apart as wide as he could. I moved behind him, licking my lips at the beautiful little asshole that was displayed to me. I lifted my two middle fingers up, pushing them between my lips and reaching for that spot at the back of my throat. It took me a few seconds, then I felt the bile rise, opening my mouth as wide as I could as I threw up over his crack and my fingers. I was sure this wasn't what he had in mind, but I loved using my own sick as lube. I pushed my fingers into him, spreading him open while using my other hand to hold him in place.

I twisted my digits within him, spreading him open wider for my stiff dick and working my thick vomit into him. It looked so fucking hot, it made my dick twitch even harder in arousal. I couldn't help but lick some of the acidic fluid from off his cheeks, purring at the taste. While most people hated the taste of sick, it had the opposite effect on me, turning me on whenever I smelled, saw or tasted it. I shifted back from him, not wanting to get too lost in it, as I knew I would. I stood up, looking down at my erect dick. I needed lube for that now and I'd managed to either lick up or push deep inside him most of my own vomit. Sighing to myself I moved around to his head, undoing and removing the gag as quickly as I could. "Open your mouth bitch." He did so, whimpering softly as he did, though I still noticed his dick was as hard as ever. Smirking, I slammed my dick down his throat, aiming it for roughly where his spot should be. It took a few hard tries before he started heaving, coating my dick in that gorgeous fluid that made me shiver in lust. I barely let him finish before removing my cock, smiling at how random globs of it clung to my pubic hair. I stuffed the gag back into his mouth, securing it back in place before he could protest, a little of his vomit dribbling down his chin.

I moved back to my position behind him, lining my cock up with his hole and marvelling at the feeling of it between my fingers. I took a deep breath, then rammed into him, letting out a soft moan at the feel of his tight heat, the sick from both of us combining on my first thrust. I planted on hand on the small of his back, gripping the gag's strap with my other as I started to move inside him. I groaned in arousal, tugging on the back of the strap as I slammed my hips against him, the sound filling the room. I heard him groan behind the gag as his hands shifted to the floor either side of his head to brace himself as I pounded him mercilessly.

After about half a dozen or so thrusts, I moved my hand around his waist, grasping his dick with my fingers. I curved them round his shaft, just above the base, and started moving them. I had no real pace to the movement, instead just stroking as best I could manage. At the moment, that meant sliding my hand up his dick whenever I pulled out. My movements within him were similar, my cock filling him as often as I could manage to move my hips. I let my eyes lid as I felt myself get closer and closer to the edge. I tried to speed up my hand on his dick as well as my hip thrusts, being thankful that I was mostly sucessful. "You like that bitch huh?" I growled as I forced my eyes to open, Bob's moans making me focus on him. I spat on his back again, tightening my grip on him slightly. He moaned around the gag again, pushing his ass back to meet my hips. "Fuck..." I moaned as his ass started clenching around me, as he came in my hand in spurts that landed over his stomach and the bus' floor.

"So hot..." I whispered above him, barely able to hold myself back from the increased constriction. I manged to stay in place, just enjoying the pulses, for a few moments. After that, I resumed my thrusting in earnest, tipping my head back as I became close to climax. I let my eyes fall shut again and my mouth fall open as my body arched, releasing several spurts into the older man's prone body. "So fucking good." I panted out as I removed myself from his warmth, some of our sick slipping out of him. I smiled, but knew I was too out of breath to go down there and collect it, as much as I'd like to. Instead, I staggered around him, wiping my sticky cock over the dome of his bald head. I chuckled to myself, undoing the straps that held the gag in place. "Have fun?" I asked him as he spat it out, his mouth closing and his jaw clenching slightly.

"Yeah..." His voice was as breathless as mine, which made me smile more then a little.

"Good, now go clean yourself up you filthy man." I grinned down at him as he stood up, clearly clenching his arse to hold everything in so it didn't leave many stains as he moved towards the small bathroom. I bent down, licking the small stains that had inevitably formed away, sighing in contentment. Least he hadn't been completely repulsed like some people had. I settled myself into the chair he'd occupied, deciding that I may as well watch that porn of his as I towelled my dick clean on a pair of boxers that Matthew had foolishly left on the seat beside me.
Tags: fic, james davies, james davies/sean smith, meme fic, sean smith, slash, the blackout
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