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Thoughts on the future

Today's been pointless. I went to sleep early last night and woke up at. I've not really slept since but I've not done anything major since then.

We're going to the beach tomorrow apparntly. I like the sea.

I've gotta call mum and let her know roughly when I'm going back, despite not knowing properly myself.

Stupid JC trying to put me on dumb ass New Deal, but I guess the interview thing'll be the best way to sort going home.

Peas are evil.

Things going on in the future:

7: Seeing Star Trek at Bluewater (and getting Madina's album)
13: Expected Umbrella Academy release date (I dunno if I'll begetting someone to get it me or having to order it)
14: Seeing Russell Howard at Sevenoaks
25: The Blackout album release (though we might get it sooner)
29: The Blackout's gig
?: Clone Wars run
?: Seeing Angels And Demons

12-14: Download
Week after Download: Expected leaving date

?? (forgetten date): Watchmen dvd release

?: Release of Death Troopers

Other unknown dates
*Bullet's new album
*Lostprophets new album
*Rest of the Doctor Who specials
*Getting other Umbrella Academy stuff
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