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I told you we shouldn't have bought him to school dude

So I haven't had any sleep since I woke up yesterday, so I'm a little drained and will probably sleep early tonight. Mikey's not much better, feeling all dizzy.

I did fic this morning, which kept me occupied after watching Pokemon.

We went to town today, which was nice. It was a nice day and we basically went in all the charity shops and stuff.

When we went to the bank I found my card had expired at the end of April, which was annoying as no replacement's been sent yet, so I had to send for one. I couldn't check my money, so I just took out what I knew would be in there. Sigh. I guess I won't be able to check until I get the card.

I got a Spock figure from Tesco up there (but none of the others were ones I wanted, I hope there'll be more good ones soon) and one for Mikey cause it was buy one get one free. I gave Mikey some money to get two Trek boxsets in the HMV sale, cause it's over before we go to Bluewater. He'll be ordering em soon I hopes.

Also good news, Russel Howard's playing up in Sevenoaks and we got tickets to go! Yay! He's so perdy.

Umbrella Academy previews just make me want it more. Like, now.

Anyone able to get free comic book day stuff tomorrow? I need, need, NEED the Clone Wars one with Kit on the cover. (And one for Mikey too).

Off for South Park watching/sleepies. Tomorrow I'll try and do another fic and... shiny things.
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