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Something To Remember

Something To Remember
Pairing: Ray Toro/Worm
Rating: NC-17
POV: Worm
Warnings: Bondage, some toys
Notes: Second mem fic, for holyfroraytoro

I looked up at Mikey, shifting in my place at the sight of him. It wasn't the fact that the slender boy was in just his boxers that bothered me, nor was it the head of his soft, wet cock poking out of his underwear. It wasn't even the fact that the only other thing that he wore was his boots. No, what made me squirm uncomfortably was the fact the Mikey was smiling. That was never a good thing, we'd all come to learn that. The last time he'd had that expresion on his face, we'd found Frank handcuffed and covered in peanut butter. With his dogs licking it off.

Upon noticing my reaction, he responded by smirking. "Hey Worm." He sat himself down on the sofa beside me, snatching the comic I had been reading from my hands. After checking the page I was reading and tossing it randomly on the coffee table he spoke again. "You know he gets shot right? Right in the head." He made his fingers into a gun and placed the 'barrel' between my eyes. "Bang!"

I sighed softly, shaking my head. "Thanks for that Mikey, really." I made a mental note not to ready another comic within 10 miles of Mikey Way. "What do you want?"

"Can't I just hang out with my favourite security guy?" He asked, his hazel orbs looking at me as he lowered his gun fingers to his side. I narrowed my eyes at him, waiting for him to respond with his true reason for coming over to me. "Ok, ok." He sighed, finally tucking his cock away from my view. After finishing his task, he turned back to face me, stretching out over the sofa. "I've left you a present in your room." I raised an eyebrow at that, not entirely sure I'd like the sound of that. "Seriously, go look!" He made a shooing motion with his hands and I knew he wouldn't leave me alone until I went up.

With a heavy sigh I stood up, scratching my belly as I moved away from him, letting out a yelp of surprise as he slapped my clothed ass. I turned slightly to glare at him, then hurried upstairs. I stood in front of my doorway, mentally preparing myself for whatever I could find behind the wood. Knowing Mikey, it could be anything. I just hoped to whatever force controlled the universe that it wasn't something that messed up my sheets like last time. I gripped onto the door handle, twisting it and pushing it open. I stepped inside my room, gaping at the sight that greeted me.

There, lying in the center of my large bed was Ray Toro. he was completely naked, with his arms and legs pulled up behind him, a length of rope tied around his ankles and wrists to secure them in place. Between his fleshy cheeks, there was the end of a thick, black dildo. As I approached I could see a black strap in his dark, curly hair, holding a gag in place within his mouth. Also in his hair, was several blobs of fresh cum, rapidly drying and making the curls stick together. I bit my lip, feeling my cock stir within my pants. I'd have to thank Mikey for this later, though I was sure the slender boy already had something in mind. I stopped in my tracks, reaching down and undoing my fly. I pushed my pants down my thick legs, stepping out of them and pushing them away with my foot. I did the same with my boxers, freeing my hardness fromit's prison. Nudging my underwear aside, I reached up and pulled my t-shirt up, quickly exposing my large body to him. I threw the clothing onto the chair in the corner of the room and approached him. The whole time, Ray was watching me, his eyes wide and filled with... was that lust?

I stopped at the end of the bed, trying to work out what would be the best way to do this. I reached over to him gripping onto his ankles, tugging him along the sheets towards me. "Is it ok if I do this?" I asked him, my voice strangely soft to my ears. He nodded, which I mostly noticed by the way his curls moved up and down. With that as his affirmation, I took hold of the dildo and slowly slid it out of his hole. I gazed in wonder at his exposed opening. It looked so beautiful as the stretched pucker clenched slightly. I dropped the rubber dildo to floor, knocking it under the bed to keep as a reminder of what I was about to do. I took ahold of the base of my dick and aimed myself for him. I took a deep breath to calm myself, then thrust my hips forward, burying myself within him in one go thanks to the toy loosening him up. I held onto his ankles, just below where the ropes held him in place. I heard a faint groan from behind the gag that was in his mouth, his hips thrusting forward against the bed. Clearly I was doing something to his liking, which made me smile to myself. I pulled out of him, thrusting back within him hard. He made another low sound behind the gag, his gorgeous, round ass pushing back against my dick eagerly. I smiled, lowering a hand to his right cheek, holding him down as I began to move at a steady pace within him.

After serval minutes of fairly slow movements, I reached up and moved my hand to loosen the rope holding him, I did it just enough to free his ankles, slipping them out one at a time and letting them fall either side of me. I then retightened the rope around his wrists, keeping them bound behind him as the heels of his feet pressed against my sides. The feeling was quite nice, making my thick dick twitch within him whenever my thrusts made him press his feet against me extra hard. I let both of my hands fall onto his fleshy cheeks, my blunt nails dicking into the slightly hairy skin to gain a better hold of him. My belly occupied the space between my hands on every movement I made into him, my eyelids fluttering closed as he made himself clench tight around me. He felt so fucking amazing, much better then the groupies I'd gotten used to. Feeling brave, I shifted my right hand up his body, my fingertips brushing against every inch of skin they coiuld reach along their journey. They stopped in his curls, grasping a handful of the thick hair and jerking his head back hard.

"You like that bitch?" My voice only slightly betrayed how I wasn't used to saying such words during sex. I chewed my lower lip as he nodded slightly, the motion feelable through my hand. I swallowed slightly again. "Yeah, you like being fucked like this don't you? Nice and hard like some cheap slut." He squirmed beneath me, his hands wiggling against the bonds that held him. I moved my left hand to his wrists, pinning them against his back as I increased the force and speed of my thrusts. I let out a soft growl, spitting at his back and smiling as it landed in the small gap between his arms. "Fuck, you feel so good." I groaned, tipping my head back slightly. I felt something in the pit of my stomach, a slight indicator that I was getting close. I switched my hands, so that my left now held onto his curls, and slipped my right underneath him, taking his dick in hand and stroking it. As I did so, I slowed my thrusts in an attempt to delay my orgasm, wanting him to gain pleasure from this experience as well.

Only when I was satisfied he was getting off as well did I resume my rough pounding into him. I wanted to lean down and bite into the curve of his neck, to leave some sort of mark, but I knew that was impossible in this position. Instead, I vowed to make such a mark later. I closed my eyes, gripping his cock a little tighter as I released inside him, my orgasm washing over me too quickly to try and stall it anymore. I panted softly, barely able to keep my hand moving as I coated his insides, though I felt a wetness on my fingers which signified he must have came too. Smiling, I let go of him, licking the cloudy fluid from my fingers as I sat on the bed, making the matress dip slightly.

Swallowing, I removed first the last of the rope and then the gag from his mouth, smiling as he rolled onto his back, stretching each of his limbs in turn. He looked at me and, although he didn't say a word, I knew he'd enjoyed the experience. I returned his smile, kissing the crook of his neck and lightly nipping at the sweaty skin. I knew it wouldn't last as I moved away from him, but I knew it would be something that would be with him for awhile at least.

He arranged his curls, planting a small kiss on his cheek as he stood up, running a hand over my belly gently before he ehaded towards the door. I couldn't help but grin at the way he walked as he left, awkwardly limping as he went out of the room. He'd remember that too. My grin only widened as I laid back over the covers, pressing my nose against the sweaty sheets he'd occupied.
Tags: fic, meme fic, my chemical romance, ray toro, ray toro/worm, slash, worm
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