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Stall, then back into motion in reverse

I didn't sleep on Tuesday until about 10:30 Wednesday morning. I probably would've stayed up long if I could've figured out something else.

The trip to Bromley's seeming pretty pointless now. Especially if we're going to Bluewater to see Star Trek.

I think I'll walk up to town tomorrow or some shit. I was hoping (causa the trip) I'd be able to check my money at a cash machine without making a special trip, but I guess I'll have to. I'll charge the pod thing later so it's ready.

I've spent most of today up here, just like yesterday. I don't understand what the problem is with that. I'm fine downstairs when Mikey's parents are around, but I'll not be at the mercy of shitty tv and Mikey's mum giving me evils. Yeah, like I wanan be round her on a good day, I certainly don't now.

We meant to do the Clone Wars run today, but I guess that's gone to hell. I'd unintentionally picked the day with one of the few TNG eps I have no desire to see again to start it. I'll probably do it myself at some point instead. I might just put on the las ep in a few.

I called mum yesterday for her birthday, but she wasn't in so I left a message. When she called back we rambled about nothing. Home, as it is now, seems fucking unliveable to just one person, let alone adding me as well. It's starting to seem like it might be better for me to stay till after The Blackout and save the cost of constant travel, but I might get moaned at for it so I don't know what to do.

Jack's back in the last of the Doctor specials so they better make out, else I'll punch someone in the face.

I'm looking at a dvd copy of the Star Wars Holiday Special on e-bay and considering getting it. Yeah, it's considered by most fans to be a joke and the most thing ever, but I'm curious.

I wanna go to Bala Lake in Wales. Whys it gotta be on the other side of Wales from everywhere else?
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