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Beauty Tips

Beauty Tips
Pairing: Cat Casino/Dan Torelli
Rating: NC-17
POV: Dan
Warnings: Scat
Notes: The first meme fic, for fruityahren (who thought I wouldn't do it)

"Hurry up Dan." The young boy muttered from his place on the floor, his body completely naked. I rolled my eyes, staring down at him from my position squatting over his belly. The boy had no fucking patience. I slapped his thigh hard enough to make an audible sound. He went blissfully silent after the strike, and I knew his eyes were staring hungrily at the globes of my ass. For the next few moments the only sound filling the air was our own breathing. "Why's it not coming?" He complained, interrupting the perfect near silence.

I sighed and turned to face him after slapping his other thigh. "Give it fucking time ok?" I sighed, feeling my asshole clench at my words. I knew it was coming, it had to be, he was just impatient. A few seconds later, I let out a small amount of gas, smiling as he moaned from inhaling the scent. I gripped onto his sides, holding onto him as I began to give him what I wanted. My eyelids fluttered closed as I felt the shit break away from my body and land on his belly. I opened my eyes and tried to turn to look, but only caught sight of Cat's hands rubbing the filth into his skin. Fuck that was hot. I knew it shouldn't be, but just... fuck.

I strained again, a second log sliding out of me of my asshole to land on his body. Only when I was sure my body was empty did I stand up and turn to look at him. The first shit had been spread over his perfect chest in dark brown streaks, which looked surprisingly beautiful. The other one was in his hand, raised to his pretty face. His tongue was snaking over it, delicately lapping along it's length. He treated it just as if it was a dick, that was until he bit off a chunk off the end. I watched, my eyes transfixed on his face as he chewed and swallowed my waste, not seeming to care that I was watching his every move. He repeated his actions, his eyes slightly lidding as he swallowed the second bite. I couldn't imagine it tasted good, but it seemed to be to him. He reached down and scooped a lump that hadn't been smeared over his body, reaching up to rub it across the pale skin of his face.

"Why do you..."

He lowered the one from his lips and opened his eyes fully, looking right at me. "This is how I stay so beautiful." He replied, like it was the most obvious thing in the fucking world. He returned to eating, though this time he bit larger and larger parts from the whole. As he did so, he parted his slender legs as a clear invitation to fuck him.

Smiling to myself I reached down and tugged the plug he'd lodged up himself about an hour earlier, tossing it to one side. I reached around myself and scooped out a remant of my waste, using that to coat myself. Cat groaned softly at the sight of that, his slim cock bouncing in arousal. Once my shaft was coated, I laay over him and pushed into his pucker, moaning in arousal. He felt so wonderful, his ass purposefully clenching around me when I was inside him fully. I held onto his perfect hips as he crushed the last of it over his lips and chin, waiting a few brief seconds before pulling out slowly, thrusting back inside him a moment later. His back arched and he moaned loudly, his eyes fluttering closed again. "That's it..."

He let out a low groan as I slammed into him particularly hard, starting to change my angle to try and hit his spot. He let out a howl of pleasure, his sharp hips shooting straight up and I assumed I'd found it. I kept a hold of his creamy thighs, making sure to pummel that spot as hard as possible. Each movement of my cock inside her made him moan loudly. I leaned up slightly, gazing down between his legs to stare at my thick cock sliding into him. My eyes then moved to his belly, which bulged slightly whenever I was buried fully inside him. I let out a small groan, feeling myself get closer to cumming, a warm tightness forming in the pit of my stomach. I gripped him tighter, moaning obscenities under my breath.

He wrapped a stained hand around his dick, stroking it at a rapid pace, the tip glistening. His hips jerked up high from the ground, his small body arching up. I grunted softly, the sight turning me on so much that I just knew I'd explode in moments. I slammed one last time into him, painting his walls with my cum, moaning his name. I panted softly, easing out of his stretched out opening, settling myself down on the floor to watch him jerk off. His hips bucked up to meet his hand, slight smears of brown along his shaft from his hand. His eyes were lidded in arousal, soft noises leaving his pretty, stained lips.

I kept staring at him, my softening cock twitching as I watched. If I hadn't just climaxed, it would have risen to full attention once again. I was content to watch him, licking my lips as he thrust up. Finally, he let out a low groan of pleasure, exploding from the tip. The white fluid landed in thick spurts across the brown filth, looking quite beautiful. I was almost tempted to lap it up, but I had no real desire to taste my own waste. His slim fingers collected as much as he could, sucking the liquid from his long fingers languidly. "Thanks Dan." He whispered in a soft purr, his body stretching out much like his namesake. "This was much appreciated."

I nodded and stood up from the floor, stretching out all of limbs. "Anytime." I replied, although I doubted we'd actually cross paths again. I blew him a kiss and crossed the room to get my clothes, sliding my jeans up my legs. I would have to try what I'd just experienced with one of the guys. Mateo and the twins would look good all nice and dirty, though I knew I'd have to work hard to convince any of the three to try the act. Although the twins were quite dirty. Shaking my head to clear my thoughts, I slipped my t-shirt back on, gripping the pair of purple lace panties that Cat had worn. I stuffed them into my pocket, pushing my feet into my sneakers and giving him a quick wave. "Night Cat." He returned my wave, though didn't move from his position on the floor as I left the room, leaving him behind.
Tags: cat casino, cat casino/dan torelli, dan torelli, deathstars, fic, madina lake, meme fic, slash
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