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You're our only hope

So yesterday was sucky. It rained the whole day. I missed the train from Dunton Green station twice (thus making us soaked) causa the stupid website and had to be driven up to Sevenoaks. Once I was there, there was an obnoxious helicopter flying around. Bah. I got a card for mum's boiirthday then went to the JC.

I was waiting around for twenty minutes, then was seen by a trainee so I couldn't ask her about what I wanted too.

Annoyed afterwards, I went in a load of charity shops and got Mikey some stuff. I got a Star Wars activity book and a Megadeath single (I blame Jay).

When I came back I had to walk from Sevenoaks station (a 20+ minute walk). When I got back I was so tired I just laid in bed till Mikey got back.

The rest of it was a lazy night, though we did have a walk up to Tesco and back. I also managed to finish Ninjatown somehow (though Mikey's near the end and better then me in places).

Yay for Star Trek ads!

Today was a lazy day cause I was tired and couldn't be arsed moving. Though we watched Heroes. Holy shit Sylar's hot. And poor Hiro.

On Thursday we should be doing or starting the Clone Wars run.

Sean and Ian's twitter's are hot and inspiring. Expect Ian in a diaper fic soon.

Blue are back together oddly. Didn't they say they wouldn't?

Anyone that wants a short fic should comment on the post by Thursday. I'm gonna start them tomorrow, with at least one done then.

At some point I'm gonna do a Welsh Hostel fic (as in it'll be set in Wales with Americans). I'm in the ideas stage right now. So... ideas are good.

Does anyone know when Umbrella Academy's out? Some sites say it's two weeks tomorrow, others say it is tomorrow. Could anyone that lives near a comic store check for me?

That's all really. Although I get the feeling I have missed something.
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