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Pairing: Gerard Way/Ray Toro
Rating: PG-13
POV: Ray
Notes: This was gonna be pervy, but it didn't quite get there. For anon_lovefest.

I ran a hand through my frizzy brown hair, staring at Gerard as he sat reclined on my sofa, absently sketching something on his pad. "Gee?"

"Hmm?" He asked, only slightly looking up from the paper. He had been my best friend for years now, so I was used to him being rather strange and overly focussed on the small pieces of artwork he did.

"Do you ever think about girls?"

He wrinkled his nose slightly at my question, finishing off some little detail with his pencil before he replied. "Nah." He looked up at me properly for the first time since he'd sat down. "They're not that interesting to me."

"You don't even want to date one?"

His nose wrinkled even more. "Hell no, why would I want to do that? I'd rather just hang out with you, Mikey or one of the others."

I nodded in agreement and swallowed, moving to sit beside him. "What about guys?"

"You mean dating one?" I nodded slightly, swallowing as I did so, feeling my mouth go dry. He considered it for a moment, tapping the pencil against his chin a few times. "Sure, why not?"

I smiled to myself and leaned over to kiss him gently, nervous about his reaction. I'd long since given up on girls and Gerard seemed the first logical choice of boy to start with. If he rejected me, there was always Frankie and Mikey. After a few seconds, to responded back, setting the pencil down and reaching up to stroke at my side. I broke the kiss, staring into his pretty eyes. "I... er..."

"I shoulda guessed you liked dudes Toro." He said with a grin, reaching up to mess my hair up. I blushed slightly, reaching to stroke his knee gently. He didn't move away, which made me slightly less nervous. He looked so hot in his uniform, and I couldn't help but move my hand up higher. He bit his lip slightly, parting his legs slightly as he set the book down. I traced my fingertips along his pants, stopping at his thigh to stroke it lightly. Not confident enough to do more then that, I leaned closer and kissed him again. His other hand was planted on the opposite side of his right, attaching itself to my side and stroking gently. When our lips seperated from our second kiss, I moved my hand slightly higher. I stopped at the bulge of his crotch, stroking it lightly. He whimpered softly, looking into my eyes. "Ray..."

"Am I going too fast?" I bit my thick lip, moving my hand away from his crotch hesitantly. This was a bit fast, I mean most people didn't go this far after a first kiss. Well, people weren't meant too, but I'm sure they did.

He nodded and kissed me again, moving a hand to pat my thigh gently. "Yeah, is that ok?"

"Of course." I smiled at him and moved to sit beside him, shifting close to rest my head on his shoulder. "We'll work up to it."

"Thanks." He nodded and took his sketchpad again, returning to his drawing, but keeping his one arm around me. That went much better then I expected.
Tags: fic, gerard way, gerard way/ray toro, my chemical romance, ray toro, slash
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