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Last night was... eh.

Although they had the episode of live at Abbey Road with Panic! on, so I could finally watch it for the first time. I wanted to get cuddle Spencer and random Zack and... why wasn't Brendon doing most of the talking? That's odd.

I started to write the I'm Not Okay based fic, though I'm thinking it's iffy so far. I'll see how it goes later.

loud_an_clear wanted a brit band spam, so here it is.

Bullet topless (cept Moose... silly boy). Can't have a brit boy spam without Bullet.

On a boat with their roadie and randoms

I demand a better shot of that tatt

Old school Bullet with angry lesbian Jay.

Recent pics. Moose should lose the hat. The second pic shows they're pro-fisting.

Jay's hot when he's all growly

And orgasmy

And almost fisting

And just plain sexy

Jay smash

Jay rocks out with Padge

And Matt

Padge is also hawt

Moose can look hawt too, minus the hat

And so can Matt

Next, a few Fightstar ones.

An old school one, where they all look pretty

More recent ones. Omar looks better without the hair tied back

Kerrang drunkeness

Guitar loving

From a recent interview that I didn't see

A trio of random Mcfly ones.

*loves that*

Next, Ian.

Doing his model face

Being molested by Bert

Being all grrr

Oli with his brother, Tom. Obviously doing it. See, us brits have incest too.

Which brings us to The Blackout (well, most Sean).

Group shots

Sean is pretty

And whorish

This is Jay, Sean's brother (and yeah, another Jay). He loves wearing that silver outfit.

It shows off his ass

I wanna know where that is!

Inflatable cock!

End of random spam.
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