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Marry me, bury me

I only woke up at half 6 today after sleeping at 7. I managed to see Tonight's The Night but last week's was so much better.

Currently we're watching Charlie Simpson's 50 mind blowing videos on 4Music. They've played an odd selection so far. Green Day, Fightstar, 30 Seconds, MCR, FOB, Linkin Park... Panic!. Oddness. Least they played I'm Not Okay which I've meant to watch for awhile (though the reasoning was for a anon_lovefest fic which'll be really late if I do it, maybe I will later). Charlie looks hot drumming (although he's hard to understand).

Last night I stared colouring in the Very Hungry Caterpillar colouring book. I did some of the fruit. We also watched Hellboy, which was good though Abe's not in it enough. He's so cute like that.

Facebook's sorted now mostly, which is good.

Tonight we're watching Hellboy 2 at some point I think.

This week we might be going to Bromley, yay! Apart from that, not much else is really planned. Well, cept Heroes and finally doing that Clone Wars thing.

Ian and Sean on twitter are just so fucking slashy, talking about incriminating videos and whipping.

Edit: Charlie's clearly had some influence to get his brother's band to pla on it. I've never seen the viddeo before.
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