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Pairing: Ian Watkins/Sean Smith, Ian Watkins/Jay Smith, James 'Bob' Davies
Rating: NC-17
POV: Sean
Warnings: Bondage
Notes: Yeah, the name's kinda sucky but it is 6am in the morning so... I blame our gig for this (cause it is set there). Sorry about the old James pic, I need to find/upload a more recent one. Also, this is for Mikey who always wants Sean porn.

I walked offstage, running a hand through my blonde hair. It had been an amazing show, the crowd seemed to enjoy the new songs and I'd even managed to get the lot of them on their knees. Excellent. I moved past the others, so I'd be the first one to enter our room. I preferred to be first inside, not that it mattered anyway. Gavin and Rhys were only coming back to get stuff for the showers and Snoz had already darted off in a different direction. I hummed softly as I gripped the handle to our room, twisting the handle and pushing open the door. Within the room was just as we left it, with one exception. I stopped and pulled the door closed, looking at the others, who had now all caught me up. "Go in the other room."

"But Sean..." Gavin started to protest, but I narrowed my eyes at him.

"Now." With a few sighs, Gavin and led the others to another room, one which I recalled had a window over the allyway where I guessed fans would be. Hopefully the guys would keep them occupied for awhile as I dealt with what I saw. Matthew stopped, glancing at me briefly before following Gavin. Before pushing open the door I stopped and gripped Bob's arm. "You, with me." He gave me a confused look, but turned midstride and waited for me to open the door again. I heard him gasp beside me at the sight.

Within the room, there was my little brother who was completely naked. In front of him, there was a man on his knees, also naked with his arms taped up behind him at the wrist. Tattoos graced the man's arms, though I couldn't identify them from my position. Jay held his long black hair with one hand, using his grip to move him forcefully along his cock. Jay looked over at me and, in a breathless moan, acknowledged my presence. "Oh hey bro..." I narrowed my eyes at him, although I was only partially annoyed by him. He flashed me a small smile and kept rolling his hips against the other guy's face. "Sorry I..." He let out a small moan mid-sentance, his eyes lidding slightly. I wasn't even sure he'd noticed Bob was here. "You told me to keep him occupied if he showed up."

I raised an eyebrow, crossing the space between us curiously. I gripped the back of the mystery guy's hair, pulling their head back and off my brother's cock with ease. I chuckled at the flushed face that was revealled to me, licking my lips slightly before pushing him back on Jay's cock. "Well, you really are a pussy Ian if my brother can get you on your knees." I smirked as he tried to reply, the sound muffled by the dick in his mouth. "Either that or you're just a fucking whore." I thought what to do for a moment and then decided just to move back to watch. This wouldn't be the first time I caught my brother getting some action, indeed, I'd lost count of the amount of times I had by now. However, this was one of the few times when I'd allowed him too, so instead of spanking him for it I'd give him some sort of reward.

I glanced back over owards the door, noting how Bob was still standing there, mouth open and closing slightly. "Oh for fuck's sake Bob, it's not like you've never seen a fucking blow job before." I rolled my eyes at him and beckoned him over to me, reaching out for him as soon as he came close. I gripped onto his wrist, pulling him over and pushing him into the seat on the couch beside me. It was in the perfect position to witness this little show of ours. Jay was frantically moving his hips now, his head tipped back slightly in pleasure. I kept my focus on Ian, noting how his throat bulged slightly every time Jay buried himself fully down his throat. I licked my lips, palming myself slightly through my jeans, using my other hand to pull out my mobile. I typed in a quick twitter update, then switched it to camera mode. I couldn't resist taking a few pictures of them both, knowing they'd both make excellent wank material later. And blackmail if necessary. I took at least ten shots of them before pocketing the device, sitting back to enjoy the view.

Jay's hips kept moving faster and harder, a sign that he was getting closer to the edge. The sound of his skin slapping against Ian's face and him making small sounds of pleasure filled the air. He pulled out just as he came, so most of it landed across Ian's lips and chin. I let out a soft groan at the sight, finally undoing my fly and pulling put my rock hard dick. I ran my fingertips along the solid flesh, but didn't start to wank just yet. I watched as Jay pulled away, slapping his cock across Ian's face. I chuckled softly, licking my lips lightly. It amused me that when Jay backed off from him, Ian still leaned forward to try and capture the tip again. It proved he was such a needy slut.

"Good boy Jay." I smiled at him, very pleased with how he'd handled Ian. He smiled at me and took a few move steps back, flipping Ian off as he did so. "Now, sit the fuck down." I patted the space next to me, waiting for him to occupy it before standing. I walked around Ian slowly, glancing at Bob who now had his cock out and was stroking himself leisurely. I smirked to myself and returned my attention to Ian, who looked so good with the splatter of cum on his chin. I kept my gaze on him, spitting on his forehead and smirking as the saliva rolled down his skin. "I'm glad my brother caught you before you could come onstage and steal my spotlight." He opened his mouth as if to respond, but instead I spit in that too. His eyes went wide in surprise, but he swallowed that as well, just as he'd swallowed my brother's dick. I thought what to do with him, all the while circling him like a vulture around it's prey. I stopped behind him, lifting up my foot and pressing it against his back, pushing him forward so his face was pressed against the floor. He groaned as his face hit the carpet, but I didn't really care if it was out of pain, annoyance or pleasure. I bent down over him, gripping his hair with my left hand, moving his head slightly up. With my right I reached around and pushed my fingers into his mouth. I felt him lick at the digits, coating them in saliva as I moved them in and out of his mouth.

I remembered when we first met and how our positions had been reversed that day. That was the only time I'd sucked his dick, the rest of our encounters had resulted in him being on his knees for me one way or another. I chuckled at the thought, removing my fingers for his mouth and shifting them to his arse. I pushed both into his twitching hole, filling him up with them in one thrust. He let out a soft cry of pain at the intrusion, but I ignored it and curved my fingers, pressing my fingers against his inner walls. He let out a groan, pressing his face back against the floor as I began thrusting the in and out. I only moved them a little, watching as his ring opened up wider for my dick.

I kept it up for only a few more moments before yanking them out, deciding that he didn't deserve or require any more preparation. Once my fingers were out of him, I moved my foot from his back and shifted to stand between his legs. I glanced over at Bob, smiling that he'd got my brother's head between his legs, licking at his balls while he kept wanking. Satisfied that he was getting some pleasure, I focussed on my own, slamming my dick hard inside Ian's prone body. He cried out, but I ignored it, pulling back and thrusting back inside him the moment I filled him. I slipped both hands around his head, curving my first fingers into into each side of his mouth and holding it open. It wasn't for any real reason, I just liked stretching his lips open. I kept moving my hips sharply, pounding into him as hard as I could. I heard a loud moan from Bob's direction, but didn't turn in that direction. "Don't cum in his hair for fuck's sake Bob." I didn't bother checking to see if he listened to me, but I knew he would. They all listened to me.

Bored with my fingers in his mouth, I removed them and gripped onto his dark hair, which was so fucking shiny it was ridiculous. With the other hand I slapped his ass, the sound making me slam into him even harder. I didn't bother even trying to keep up a pace, since I knew that to keep up any sort of pace was such an insane endevor. I gave up slapping his ass, reaching around and gripping onto his hip where one of his gun tattoos was. I rammed in and out of him, tipping my head back as I got closer and closer to the edge. "Oh fuck!"

A few short moments went by before I came deep within him, shooting in jets into his ass. I pulled out of him, grasping the end of the tape that secured his wrists, yanking it off him roughly. He yelped loudly, but again I didn't really mind. I zipped up my fly, patting his ass as he collapsed to the floor. I turned to Bob, who'd obviously came, though I wasn't entirely sure where he had. Jay was pulling his jeans back on, his t-shirt already covering his upper body. He was wiping his lips with the back of his hand as he looked at me, muttering something under his breath as he darted out towards the exit. I shrugged and looked at Bob. "Go and please the fans."

He nodded and gave me a small salute, though I disregarded the slight mockery. "Yes sir." He zipped himself up and stood up, kissing me on the cheek before following Jay out.

Now we were left alone, I returned my attention to Ian, nudging him with my foot to roll him over. There was a smear over his stomach from where he'd came, though I wasn't exactly certain when he'd came. Nor did I really care that much. "Now Ian, why are you really here?"
Tags: fic, ian watkins, ian watkins/jay smith, ian watkins/sean smith, james davies, jay smith, lostprophets, sean smith, slash, the blackout
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